“World Reading Beijing” – Beijing Children’s Literature Fair Successfully Held in Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About September 29, 2022the “World Reading Beijing” (Tunisia) – Peking child The Literature Fair, sponsored by Beijing Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles and co-organized by China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Ltd. and the Beijing Lao She Literature Academy, was successfully held at Tunisia. More than 40 Chinese and foreign guests, including Mr. Xing HeChinese science fiction writer and author of Peking childand the translator of the Arabic version of Peking child, attended the show. The show focused on discussing the background to the creation and storylines of Peking child. This novel also introduced Tunisian readers to the development of Chinese science fiction influenced by that of Beijing history and culture. This struck a chord with Arab readers.

The show aims to help Tunisian readers better read and understand beijingand to open the window to Tunisian readers to find out more beijing writers and works. The “World Reading Beijing” literary fair is a new brand activity launched by the Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles of Beijing in 2022 to promote the “Going Global” of Chinese literature. By inviting local readers, critics, editors and translators, the event aims to deepen their communication with Chinese writers. During 2022, a series of literature fairs will take place for the Italian version of Starfish (written by Zhou Xiaofeng), the Turkish version of cat town (written by Lao She), the Spanish version of scary food (written by Liu Heng) and the Romanian version of Wheat (written by Liu Qingbang).

SOURCE China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd.

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