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LNG (NL Ltd.

1 The Nigeria LNG (NL Ltd explained their choice of former chairman Olusegun Obasanjo to present the Nigerian Prize for Literature 2022 to the winners.

Nigeria Prize for Science

2 A statement posted on the company’s website on Friday said the choice amplifies the key messages and common ambitions of the Nigerian Prize for Science 2022 and the Nigerian Prize for Literature.

Latest Nigerian News Updates

3 News Agency of Nigeria reports that the presentation will take place today (Friday).

Latest Nigerian News Updates

4 According to the statement, the former president symbolized a resilient passion for agriculture and literature, two hobbies incidental to his great military career.

5 He added that Obasanjo represented the virtue of excellence expounded by the NLNG in building a better Nigeria.

Nigerian Head of State and President

6 “Incidentally, despite successful military and political careers which produced him as Head of State and President of Nigeria at different times, Obasanjo’s fame and glory lay in his investments in commercial agriculture and in the pile of books that emerge from his creative efforts”. said.

Nigerian Science Prize

7 According to the statement, the quest for food security was the challenge for Nigerian scientists and innovators during the Nigeria Prize Science 2022 which produced the two sets of winners.

Muhydideen Oyekunle and Shehu Teen

8 It said: “The first group of winners including Muhydideen Oyekunle and Shehu Ado worked on Gains in Grain Yield of Released Maize (Zea Mays L.

9) Grown in drought and well-watered conditions.

Sesan Ayodeji and Emmanuel Olatomilola

10 “The second group of winners, consisting of Sesan Ayodeji and Emmanuel Olatomilola, worked on the “Development of a plantain flour processing plant”.

Oyekunlé and Ado

11 “According to the judges, maize seeds produced under the breeding program by Oyekunle and Ado were tested to be high yielding and tolerant to water stress.

12 “Judges said the hybrids they selected had yields of 1.73 to 2.51 in stress areas and 5 to 6 in areas of good rainfall distribution in farmers’ fields.

Ayodeji and Olatomilola

13 “They also felt that the plantain flour processing plant developed by Ayodeji and Olatomilola was ingenious in moving from batch production to continuous production of flour on an industrial scale relevant beyond plantain. for other food products.

Nigerian Prize for Science

14 The statement said that the two groups of Nigerian Prize for Science laureates have mainly worked on the topic of food security by studying the improvement of crop yields and developing machine tools for food processing and preservation. .

Obasanjo Farms,

15 He also said that Obasanjo Farms, owned and operated by Obasanjo, have deployed modern technologies and a competent approach to produce more food and improve profitability.

NLNG Limited

16 The statement says the award was launched and propelled as a corporate social responsibility by NLNG Limited to hone the skills of writers in the media, literary and theatrical professions.

17 He said the intervention became necessary in response to a noticeable decline in the quality of output from industries that relied on creative writers.

Nobel Prize in Literature, Prof.

18 According to the statement, Nigeria has become the first in Africa to produce a Nobel Laureate in Literature, Prof. Wole Soyinka.

Chinua Achebe,

19 He said the country has also produced one of the world’s most decorated authors, Prof. Chinua Achebewhose book, “Things Fall Apart”, translated into more than 61 languages, was listed by the Encyclopaedia Britannica as one of the 12 novels considered the greatest books ever written.

Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensi, Femi Osofisan,

20 “Then there are the great legacies of other Nigerian writers such as Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensi, Femi Osofisan, Gabriel Okara, Christopher Okigbo, Chukwuemeka Ike, Flora Nwapa among others,” the statement read.

21 He added that their writings were compelling and helped to positively shape what people knew about Nigeria.

Nigeria LNG

22 “It has therefore become apparent to us at Nigeria LNG that a well-run literary prize with a transparent selection process, administered by respected scholars, writers and literature lovers, and with a respectable monetary reward will stimulate creativity.

23 “It will also contribute to improving the quality of writing, editing and publishing in Nigeria.

NLNG Limited,

24 The statement read: “Thus, with the challenge and rewards of the NLNG Limited, the muse has been reinvented and the creative flow has been reignited, leading to 18 years of annual literary tournament which has produced more than 1,851 entries in 16 competitions who have produced 12 award-winning manuscripts since its inception in 2004.
“The stream of manuscripts is supported by competing writers who are primarily driven by the $100,000 prize money, or approximately 70 million naira, to produce countless print-worthy narrative efforts.

25 “While only the best works in the annual competitions win prizes, hundreds of works have been declared excellent by the judges.

Nigerian Literature Award

26 “The life-changing prize, the opportunity and incentive for creative expression, the quest for recognition in a highly esteemed creative group and the contribution to the preservation of the culture of reading combine to transform Nigeria Prize for Literature into a Nigerian intellectual brand of global standards,” the statement read.


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