Virtual Event Lesbian Literature 2022

The Gulfport Library LGBTQ Resource Center in Gulfport, Florida presents the 5th Annual ReadOut 2022: A Lesbian Literature Festival to be held virtually February 18-20 via Zoom. ReadOut 2022 is a unique hybrid of live-streamed interactive panels (Pods), pre-recorded reads (Pearls) with chat opportunities between sessions. The festival will demonstrate how lesbian voices persist and prevail in these times of transformation. More than 50 well-known female lesbian authors are expected to present streaming Pods (aka panels) on themes including older lesbian writing, black female writers, mystery, fiction, and the intersection of friendship and careers as writers. lesbian authors. Through the magic of Zoom, readers and attendees can attend this free two-day event from anywhere in the world. Barbara Talkov, from the ReadOut 2022 Organizing Committee, said: “I am so excited about what ReadOut 2022 has to offer this year. Once again, this festival will be virtual, available internationally, and full of intriguing live panels and videos of authors reading their literary works. Some of the infamous authors included in Readout 2022 are Rita Potter, LaToya Hankins, Doris Bush, Stephanie Shea, Estela Gonzale, Carol Anne Douglas, Georgia Beers, Christiana Harrell, and Sue Katz. ReadOut 2022 is produced by Barbara Talkov, Sally Otto, Susan Gore, Beth Settle, Kelsey Dye and Sarah Jünke with technology and video editing support from staff at Gulfport Public Library in Gulfport, Florida, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) ) organization in Gulfport, Florida. Since 2018, ReadOut has offered an inclusive event that features literature written by, for and about lesbians. To attend this fabulous free event, you must register.

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