T20 World Cup: Mitchell Starc hits back bowling crease, does not escape a bullet

Famous Australian coach Mitchell Starc inadvertently revealed a flaw in the new no-ball monitoring system during his team’s Super 12 Group 1 match of the 2021 T20 World Cup against Sri Lanka on Thursday.

Last year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced that the third referees would watch the bowler’s landing foot after each ball, meaning referees on the court no longer have to keep track of the bowler’s landing foot. where the bowler’s front foot lands on the court.

In Australia’s T20 World Cup second game in Dubai, Starc, 31, bypassed the wicket for right-handed hitter Chamika Karunaratne in the penultimate inning and received a limit in the middle of the game. match.

But during his action, Starc’s rear foot had touched the crease of the return on the field.

Mitchell Starc bowling during Australia’s Super 12 match against Sri Lanka. (Screenshot / FOXSports)

According to Law 24.5, “the bowler’s back foot must land inside and not touch the return fold belonging to his stated delivery method. “

Although Sri Lanka should have secured a free kick for the no-ball, the on-field referee and third referee missed Starc’s rear foot placement. Even former Indian drummer Aakash Chopra raised the issue on social media.

Sri Lanka were limited to 154/6 in the opening innings and Australia chased the target with 18 balls, posting a seven wicket victory. While Starc finished with numbers of 2/27, David Warner silenced his skeptics with a 65 to 42 balls.

Australia lost their first loss of the tournament to England on Saturday.

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