Strata Automation Tool Seeks to Simplify Cloud Migration Projects

Strata Identity’s Maverics Identity Discovery aims to automate the process of auditing and cataloging existing identity systems. (Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

Strata Identity on Wednesday launched Maverics Identity Discovery, a free software tool that automates the manual process of auditing and cataloging on-premises identity environments.

In one Press release, Strata says the tool cuts the duration of cloud migration projects from months to hours.

Maverics Cloud Migration Tool Release Seeks To Address A Very Specific Problem For Security Teams: According To Recent Strata research, Some 70% of organizations say they have an active cloud migration project planned for this year, as most on-premises identity systems are nearing end of life and will no longer be supported in 2022.

Eric Leach, Product Manager for Strata, explained that discovering and cataloging a legacy identity system has been an extremely manual process as there is no unified view of older environments that span multiple stakeholders. , have evolved over the years and contain hidden complexities.

As a result, Leach said identity admins need to identify each app, then interview and gain buy-in from each app owner – a process that often takes months to complete at high cost and opportunity.

If every company started their identity program from new ground, security teams would find identity a much easier task, said Frank Dickson, program vice president for security and trust at IDC. In reality, a company’s identity platforms are often the sum of past sins, he said.

“Mergers, acquisitions, digital transformation and sometimes identity apathy can create [an] opaque sea of ​​repertoires and roles such that every identity turns into a snowflake, ”Dickson said. “The move from on-premises identity management to the cloud offers this opportunity to consolidate directories, streamline roles and correct sins of the past, but this opportunity may require a Herculean effort to address it. Tools and automation are essential, otherwise the manual effort will be painful and, therefore, costly.

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