Sandy Sheppard earns honors for highest average among Mesquite bowlers

Bowlers bid farewell to league play at the Virgin River Bowling Center for the 2021-22 season.

However, this final column of the year aims to highlight some of the impressive individual achievements of female bowlers.

And the individual achievement most coveted by the majority of competitive bowlers is winning a league or house high middleweight title. Here we are talking about the highest average for the house, aka the VRBC. And since the creation of this column in 2017, one of the requirements is to play a minimum of 60 games as a regular member of a team.

So in a truly competitive race decided by less than 50 pins, Sandy Sheppard won the VRBC high average title for the seventh straight year with a 63-game average in the Virgin River Scratch League.

A quick dive into his league numbers shows 19 of his 63 games were over 200, with a game high of 245 and a 652 the highest streak of his six scoring over 600.

For those new to Mesquite bowling, Sheppard wasn’t always a top notch bowler with an impressive skill set. In fact, she had an average game throwing a rescue ball until the age of 41, when she decided to improve her game by learning how to throw a hook ball.

What followed was countless hours of training and years of experience honing his game in league and tournament play, which paved the way for him to become the accomplished bowler and scoring juggernaut you see at VRBC today.

And yes, she will aim for an 8 round next season.

Meanwhile, Bev Cormani, who throws the most explosive strike ball by a woman at the Mesquite bowling alley, finished with the next best average, 187.55 over 84 games in the City High Rollers League.

Cormani, who only started the sport in the 2015-16 season, has improved his game every season thanks to lots of training and a powerful athletic display.

And she punctuated a 2021-22 banner season by kicking off the first-ever 700 series by a woman at VRBC with a 716 set. She also finished with the high average in her Kings & Queens and City Higher Roller leagues, won all three highest games by a woman this season, 268, 267 and 258, and her 187.55 CHR League average dropped 49 pins. winning his first house title with a high average at VRBC.

MaryAnn Davis finished with the next best average, a 184 over 78 games on Wednesday morning at 9:30 Early Risers League.

And speaking of averages, Lori Jo Turner is an exceptional player who joined the Mesquite bowling scene this season, and it’s worth noting that she finished with an average of over 190 in each of her three leagues, with a 197 in 33 games in the TGIF League his highest, but he failed to meet the 60-game requirement. She also kicked off her season-high 680 streak in that league.

Finally, with three top bowling talents in Sheppard, Cormani and Turner, the race for the high average title next season should be a real barn burner! Oh, laurel!

The following bowlers have booked the highest hdcp. series scores this season at VRBC: Kim Finnegan 828; Karyl Moeller 827; Dani Bunton 801; Erica Christensen 800; Chaunda Gerger 798; Dear Erhart 790; Leaves of Mary 767; Jan Quinn 718; Jane Barrat 718.

And the highest hdcp. single-game scores this season at VRBC went to Barb Garcia 315; Lorraine Turkington 315; Karen Woolsey 304; Linda Rino 303; Betty Lethy 303; Brenda McBrien 298; Maria Tristan-Flynn 295; Fran Lovelady 283.

See you in September!

Willie Theis covers league bowling in Mesquite for the Desert Valley Times.

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