Real estate transfers (copy)

Here are the real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these goods are displayed without price.

  • Melvin Johnson to Mary and Timothy Mick, W5918 Valley Parkway, $201,000
  • Maleah and Mitchell Polk to Jeffrey Butler, 2224 Hyde Ave., $225,000
  • Jeff and Lynn Blakeley Trust Lloyd Jr and Sarah Sheffer, 1410 Sill St., $130,000
  • Michelle Segner to Chris and Julie Hussey, 2715 Burr Oak St. E., $187,000
  • Dianne and Richard Loomis to Lori Bixby and April Gray, 2142 Cliffview Terrace, $261,000
  • Ryan Villanueva to Jada Miller and Mitchell Thies, 1324 Hyde Ave., $184,287
  • Kristine and Scott King to TF Property Solutions, W5836 Cedar Road, $100,000
  • Claire Revels to Marilyn Revels, 1416 Bainbridge St.
  • Cody Flury and Brittany Harrison to Jill and Perry Stewart, W2940 Russian Coulee Road, $375,000
  • Carl and Narcelle Schneider trust Autosport Acquisitions, 1814 Ward Ave., $450,000
  • Jose Toscano to Beckstrom Properties, 1113 16th St. S., $155,000
  • Adam and Melissa Walbrun to Corey and Dominique Smith, W4938 Mark Place, $290,000
  • Dale Stevens to Garett Stevens, 3011, 3013 Marion Road S., $200,000
  • Thomas and Karen Fischer, La Crosse County Sheriff at Seasoned Credit Risk Transfer
  • Howard Sorenson LLC at Snodgrass Properties at Schaffer Withholdings, 1911 George St.
  • AMZ Holdings to Kay Frydenlund, 2611 Ward Ave., $162,000
  • Kyle and Staci Lovejoy to Hannah and Kyle Johnstone, 2616 15th St. S., $208,000
  • Cindy, John and Steven Holter, Jeffrey, Thomas and Travis Regelein to Christopher and Colton Lejcher, 3507 Leonard St., $198,000
  • Riverland Investments to John and Wendy Dolan, 413 Liberty St., $26,500
  • Carol and Manfred Strigun to Tiffany Vigil
  • ARMI LLC to Carol Larson, 4417 Juniper Street, $197,500
  • Donald and Elaine Bina to Ethan Sobkowiak to Kaitlin Klug, 1619 Weston St., $170,000
  • David Daoust Sr. to Harmon Place Properties, 3400 Mormon Coulee Road, $310,000

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  • Aaron and Barbara Craig to Corey and Katherine Harris, 3381 Emerald Valley Drive, $140,000
  • Kelsey and Michael Glebke to Michael and Michelle Frischmann, 436 R. Stephan Place, $510,000
  • Justin Lange at Kayla and Shea Foley, 139 Eighth Ave. S., $198,000
  • Maude and Thomas Kettenmann will trust the Leonids, 2268 Evenson Drive, $365,900
  • Christina and Spencer Griffin at Samuel McGaughy, 411 Sixth Ave. N., $279,900
  • Daniel Bashaw to Rebecca and Tracy Olson, 749 Troy St., $298,000
  • David and Karen Elliott at Gills Storage, W1942 OL Hess Road, $696,700
  • Choice Construction to Michael and Tiffani Newton, 1510 Cherry Lane S., $417,500
  • Moonstone Meadow LLC to Summer Berg and Timothy Olson, 3009 Red Clover St., $595,000
  • Ann and Dillion Becker to Cody Johnson, 1814 Prairie Place, $267,000
  • Sarah Honer to Bruce and Karl Kerr, 234 Howard Drive, $355,000
  • Kent and Teresa Schroeder to Jenny and Michael Brueske Jr., 806 Laurel Place E., $315,000
  • Amanda and Dominic Miller to Heather Lichtie, 1517 Viking Ave., $260,000
  • Judy and Richard Berg to John Demers and Annette Fellows-Demers, 300 State Street, $271,000
  • Adrian and Benjamin Kolpitcke to Anna Lee and Jonathan Soto, N7098 Bice Ave., $384,900
  • JKC Construction at Bryan and Shelby Neubauer, 1930 McGilvray Way, $337,385
  • Elsen Construction to Scott Alo and Jesse McKinney, 411 Panther Pass W., $588,700
  • Angela and Joshua Laack to Amy and Benny Guzman, 510 Lakewood St., $500,000
  • TBN Management at Cody Flury, 419, 421 Campfire Drive, $230,000

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