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Brian Erickson Construction Inc at Gillund, Janell Trust8800 Calamus River Road, $548,370.

BSIProperties LLC at Taylor, Audrey K Revocable Trust2760 S 13th St., $215,000.

Carr, Marty L & Kimberly D at Schomerus, Kyle and Shelby17550 Autumn Blaze Dr. (Bennet), $1,150,000.

Caseyco Inc. at Megrue, Brett & Shelli8808 Buckley Creek Road, $481,919.

Castle Rock Homes Inc at Ziga, Mahir & Pence, Takema5430 W Hughes St., $165,900.

Chase Company LLC at Chase, Charles G and Brenda Kay5801 Enterprise Dr. (Unit #B1), $69,000.

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Church, Zachariah C & Blanchard, Colleen M at McCollough, Joseph P & Mitchell-McCollough, Jessica N1631 Brent Blvd., $405,250.

Comiskey, Robert S & Joan M at Crawford-Wilke, Jacy & Wilke, Matthew800 Willard Cir (Hickman), $240,000.

Connealy, Rhett M & Jessie C at Kehl, Jacqueline5230 Holdrege Street, $209,000.

Dawson, Regina Byers Family Trust at Larson, Wayne & Sherry L.3801 N 9th St., $135,000.

Db Properties LLC at Foote, Kolby and Shelby5615 Hallcliffe Ct, $270,000.

Deighton, Brian and Kristina at Lomatayo, Lucia6167 NW 12th St., $299,500.

Dibbert, Jason M & Angela A at Boltin, Jonathan5709 S 30th St., $320,000.

Dinkel, Kelsey Marie at Bowers, Carriann P.1620 Vavrina Ln, $340,000.

Dresen, Dustin at Warner, Davis1236 W Ryons St., $245,000.

Ekeler, Ashley N & Christensen, Dakota J at Ward, Ronald & Gail & Lynne E4130 Kipling Pl, $290,000.

Emery, Lindsey A Revocable Trust at BPK Properties LLC1111 Coachmans Dr., $275,000.

Fairchild, Pamela and Kenneth at Frohn, Lindsey731 N 73rd St., $220,000.

Fay, James B Revocable Trust at Hansen, Nicholas Michael3220 Browning Street, $625,000.

Feilmeier, Andrew at Thoene, Neil and Holly2641 SW 14th St., $314,900.

Fett, Kylon T. at Schoenrock, Douglas R & Allen, Sheila G1101 Jayci Ln (Princeton), $30,000.

Foreman, Kassandra at Legacy Ventures I LLC1840 NW 49th St., $167,500.

Fromm, Michael E and Janine at Pugliese, Lauren Kubly and James John II2540 Woodscrest Ave, $1,450,000.

Construction Fulton Inc. at Geis, Timothy R and Tiffany A9741 Casa Galeano CT, $592,095.

Gans, Jeff and Sheila at Diocesan Housing Ministries Inc2945 R St., $242,500.

Geier, Richard G & Rosalie M at Schwartz, Gary Lee and Paula Gale5510 Barrington Park Dr., $325,000.

Gilliam, Wendy G & Jensen, Rodney D at Bator, Tim & Jill4726 Adams Street, $172,000.

Gillick, James P Jr and Carol A at Winroth, Latoya3831 Petersburg Ct, $415,000.

Gobel, Michael at Knoell, Mikayla and Elliot5901 Skylark Ln, $300,000.

Golka, Brianna L. at Olson, Brianna L & Dustin B2220 SW 19th St., $10.

Gomel, Mary Ann and Richard at Singh, Birendra and Asha720 N 100th St., $875,000.

Gordon, Sherry L Revocable Trust at Room, Patricia4515 Grassridge Road, $199,900.

Earth, Robin L. at Crook, Joshua and Alaina8130 Cobblestone Cir, $200,000.

Graves, Zachary & Steiner, Brooke at Duane Hartman Investments Inc5428 W Butler Ave, $232,000.

Gregg, James L. at Sykes, Gerald H & Sharon1720 N 52nd St., $312,000.

Hanseling, Jonathan A & Nichile L at Pirie, William J & Linda L8011 Mcbride Avenue, $405,000.

Harms, Phyllis at Fauble, Thomas L & Susan M7215 Havelock Avenue, $280,000.

Harris, Tyler and Julia A. at Wragge, Gabrielle Marie2930 N 65th St., $185,000.

Hattan, Grace V Estate at Phaisan, Aroun S & Kimberly J2161 S 57th St., $131,000.

Hecker, Kevin L & Allison L at Mason, Wendy3529 S 76th St., $365,000.

Helzer-Jarzynka, Tammy K at Caruso, Richard L & Lee Anne1250W Dolores Ct, $880,000.

Chicken Coop Capital LLC at Davis, Beth M & Haycock, Robert Jamesaddress not specified, $125,000.

Heritage Lakes LLC at Otto, Richard and Therese9120 Triana Ct, $145,000.

Hiltgen, Aaron P & Tricia A at Pauley, Ned and Kelley6215 Princess Margaret Dr., $254,900.

Hochstein, Tucker at Maguire, Megan and Jesse2212 Independence Dr., $290,000.

Hollibaugh, Josiah at Evans, Allen and Julie2424 S 37th St., $195,000.

Hope, Michael R & Colleen L at Hope Homes LLC5809 Berkeley Dr. (Unit #8), $182,000.

Hudson Properties LLC at Paronto, Michael S and Sarah M3841 N 17th St., $270,000.

Huerta, Robert M. at Porter, Robert C.4029 D Street, $156,000.

Huvepharma Inc at Osi Brothers LLC245 SW 40th St., $1,900,000.

Hydra Contractor Inc at Lass, Peter K and Megan K1408 Sumner Street, $207,500.

Irons, Jack Lifetime Trust at RC’s Boxing Productions Inc.1555 Yolande Avenue, $3,045,000.

IVQ Lincoln Lp at Hft-re LLC8601 Firethorn Ln, $12,162,232.

Jimenez, Christian A & Schroeder, Breanna M at Magee, Justin5421 Old Lodge Ct, $232,000.

Johnson, Shirley M Estate at Miller, Charlena and McKenzie, Caleb7075 Lincolnshire Road, $350,000.

Johnson, Stacy A. at Fiegler, Jerome Charles & Maria Celia V1615 Calvert Street, $225,000.

Jones, Curt at Colling, Douglas R & Terri L7420 S 66th St., $751,000.

Jones, Mitchell and Jenna at Reeves, Jesse and Melissa6160 S 148th Street (Walton), $585,000.

Kansier, Krista & Baird, Jason at Dierks, Jennifer & McKay, Justin801 W Garfield St., $204,000.

Key Crest Holdings LLC at Eichelberger, Brian W & Sheri L4856 N 36th St., $329,900.

Kiani, Cyrus A and Angela M at Alpha Wealth Properties LLC6040 S 58 St., $395,000.

Kiani, Cyrus A and Angela M at Alpha Wealth Properties LLC6040 S 58 St. #E, $395,000.

Knudsen, Quinn C & Heidi L at Warner, Zackary & Monsees, Laura552 Lakeside Drive (Unit #44), $200,000.

Koenigsman, Bruce F and Irene at Funk, Larry C.1540 N Cotner Blvd (Unit # B207), $77,500.

Kohl, Seanan J and Melissa K at Mohr, Cort V & Murraymohr, Candace C3065 W Rock Creek Rd. (Raymond), $749,900.

Kramer, Joshua M Brown and Carolyn R Brown at Kohtz, Jamie1912 Otoe Street, $342,200.

Kroeker & Gubser Development LLC at Perry, Genella5854 S 95th St., $394,900.

Krueger Holding Company LLC at Helzer-Jarzynka, Tammy K8141 S 15th St., $208,750.

Lange, Nathan at Anderson, Rick A and Mary E4340 W Ludwig Dr., $358,000.

Larkins, Joyce J. at Dotson Investments LLC445 S 45th St., $187,000.

Le, Tien & Nguyen, Loan T at Tran, Hai and Nguyen, Tam2921 Apple Street, $130,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC at Christensen, Dakota and Ashley10241 S 31st St. (Roca), $455,442.

LLC Legacy Template Properties at Don Johnson Ii Homes Inc2910 Walter Ter (Roca), $105,000.

Lincoln Installations Holdings LLC at Omaha Industries Inc.4611 W Adams St., $10,000,000.

Lincoln Installations Holdings LLC at Omaha Industries Inc.address not specified, $10,000,000.

Lintel, James E & Maria at Wellspace LLC1919 S 40th St. (Unit #111), $138,000.

Lipert, Darlene C Trust at Ehrke, Jack and Meghan3140 Durado CT, $825,000.

Live Well Designs LLC at Semler, Kenneth E & Taylor-semler, Joleen A5858 S 94th St., $350,000.

Lockman, Richard D. at Legacy Ventures I LLC, 5420 Limestone Road. N, $111,500.

Lorenz, Jennifer J. at Wynne, Brian Scott and Jennifer Hutten9110 Whispering Wind Rd., $730,000.

Lorenz, Todd A. at Wynne, Brian Scott and Jennifer Hutten9110 Whispering Wind Rd., $730,000.

Lute, Peter J and Cynthia J at Juarez, Ashton Deon-marie & Payne, Ashlee Jo215 W Jennifer Dr., $292,000.

Lyberis, Chris at Burklund, DL and Alyssa1230 Lake St., $70,000.

Mahnke, Kaitlyn C. at Bryant, Kevin1860 NW 58th St., $235,500.

May, Trai Ngoc & Dinh, Lan Thi at Pham, Anh Loan T & Mai, Chuong H1617 Hartley St., $250,000.

Manglitz, George R & Marjorie J Revocable Trust at Hunkins, Joshua E & Byron, Jamie A955 N 67th St., $170,000.

Maovalley LLC at Packet, Justin4900 J Street, $170,000.

Matt Kirkland & Associates LLC at Andrew Ross Real Estate LLC1637 G Street, $375,000.

McAtee, Andrew at Graves, Zachary and Brooke5640 NW 11th Cir, $332,000.

McCabe, George at Shoemaking, Sheri510 Redwood Drive, $300,900.

McDonald, Larry at Roper, Robert C.9911 W Adams St., $625,000.

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