“Por zorra”: a bowling alley used images referring to gender-based violence to decorate a Halloween party

A bowling alley in the town of Culiacan, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, promoted his party Halloween with consortium bags that claimed to be dead women and signs that said “Por vorra” or “Follow you”. The party was widely criticized via social networks, but the organizers did not regret it at first.

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One of the people involved in organizing the party, identified as user @barbaramzazz, wrote on Instagram: “It’s worth it to me that they say how oblivious they are. This party must be the bitchiest of this year ”.

The feast, called “Festival of wizards” and self-proclaimed “the best of the century”, it was held on Friday October 29 in a bowling alley in Culiacan and was organized by the decoration company @mcdisenaeventos.

Quickly, these reprehensible acts of the organizers of the party became relevant through social networks. “What fucking courage; It’s not funny“; “The internalized misogyny in most women is exactly the reflection of the machismo of society ”, were among the thousands of comments generated by the photo.

Another of the posters that aroused a lot of outrage among various social media users was a post that appeared in one of the mirrors, with the slogan “Follow Yourself”.

“What a disgusting and sadder decoration that the people who decorated this event are women”commented another net surfer, revealing the identity of the organizers of the party.

The release of the organizers of the party

“We’re organizers, well, actually, we’re girls. The reality is that we hired a decorating company and we didn’t know about the bodies in bags, ”was the first clarification they made from the Instagram party official.

In addition, they expressed that they wanted to communicate with the company that decorated the place, but that they had not received any responses from the manager. “We told him to speak publicly because we looked bad, but he didn’t respond. We just wanted to have a really cool party, but thanks to the decoration everything just got out of hand, ”they explained in the statement.

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The official statement came after the account of @Wizzardfest, as well as that of the organizer @barbaramzazz, they changed their profile to private mode. After the criticisms received and the discussion with an Instagram user, the organization of the evening they apologized for what happened and they clarified that all posts had been removed.

“I know I was wrong and I ask for forgiveness on my part. I know there is no justification for what I did, But put yourself in my shoes: I receive death threats from my friends and family. I would never wish harm on a woman or a man, ”concluded the official statement from Barbara Martell, party planner.

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