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For the week of March 18

Star Bowlers

With just 6 points separating second place from 12th place, all bowlers do their best in the lanes every Friday night. Two of those Friday, March 18 Star Bowlers are Jontel, from All Balls No Glory, and Ken, from K&M.

On the ladies’ side, Jontel had a game high of 210, 72 pins over her average, and a three-game streak of 511, 97 pins over her average.

On the men’s side, Ken had a game high of 277, 91 pins over his average, and a three-game streak of 701, 143 pins over his average.

They were certainly lucky to have Irish people working for them. Well done Jontel and Ken!

Team game

On lanes 1 & 2, Rolling Balls failed against Grahams, who swept the 4 points.

Jontel wasn’t the only bowler from his All Balls No Glory team to show up. They swept Snap Crackle and Pop, putting 4 more points in their win column.

With Anderson/Young absent, Bowl Busters shows our third sweep of the night.

In the game between second and third place inbound teams Morgan County Signs vs. K&M, Game 1 went to Morgan County Signs. Then Star Bowler Ken turned up the heat and led his team to the next 3 points.

E-bowla being a no-show gave Here For The Beer the fourth sweep.

On lanes 11 and 12, Scoregasm added a fifth sweep when they battled JZ Motorsports.

Only losing the first match, That’s How We Roll could not get the L&M sweep.

Our sixth sweep of the night went to I Can’t Believe It Ain’t Shit When We Just Met.

We love your holiday shirts and your Johnny spirit!

league standings

1. Grahams


3. Scoregasm

4. Morgan County Signs

5. Here for the beer

6. I can’t believe this isn’t shit

7. All Inglory Bullets


9. Crack and pop

10. E-bowla

11. Rolling Balls

12. This is how we roll

13. L&M

14.JZ Motorsports

15. Bowl Breaker

16. We Just Met

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