Mischief and Murder tour sheds light on Bowling Green’s dark past

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — Bowling Green’s final unseen walking tour took place tonight, giving local residents a glimpse into their city’s history and a little fear.

The “Downtown Mischief and Murder” tour highlights several historical and paranormal aspects of downtown Bowling Green.

It also gives local residents the chance to get into the Halloween spirit by spooking each other on All Saints’ Day.

Jeff Moore, the tour guide representing Professor Mortiner Noseworthy and professor of history at WKU, says many locals don’t know their town’s dark history, and these tours help educate many people while giving them a a little scared.

“A colleague of mine once said, ‘Stories tell us things, if only we listen.'” Moore said.

“The 13 stories I’ll be sharing tonight as part of the downtown Unseen Bowling Green tour all have a little nugget of universal truth that everyone can take home with them.”

Moore also said that despite some of Bowling Green’s dark history, these tours help tell the stories of Bowling Green’s past and bring them to life.

“I think the key word here is ‘invisible’ and sometimes ‘unsaid’. A lot of those stories have sort of been lost through the ages,” Moore said.

“We may hear rumors about them, but these tours, all three with Unseen Bowling Green, brought those stories to life.”

Tonight was the last night of the Unseen Bowling Green walking tours.

Members of the Historic Railpark and Unseen Bowling Green say they plan to run these tours again next year.

For more information, you can visit their website.

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