Making the most of the freedom to hunt

The aptly named Freedom Hunt® allows cardholders to earn 5% cash back freely on all daily expense categories that change throughout the year, plus 1% cash back on all other purchases. Using the card in the 5% categories, however, is only part of maximizing the value you get from that credit card.

Here’s how to get the most out of Freedom Hunt®.

Nerdy tip: the Freedom Hunt® stopped accepting new requests in September 2020, but existing cardholders can continue to use it. Chase now offers the Chase Freedom Flex℠, which has the same bonus categories as the Freedom Hunt®, as well as additional bonuses on certain travel bookings and in restaurants and pharmacies.

Use quarterly bonus categories

Wear the Freedom Hunt® and not taking advantage of its 5% quarterly bonus categories is like buying a Ferrari and only driving it back and forth to the supermarket: you are completely missing the point. To get the 5% rewards on this card, you must “activate” the bonus category each quarter and then use your card at qualifying merchants.

Activate the category every quarter. You can activate it easily by logging into your online account or using the Chase Freedom® Mobile app. The trick is to remember to do this quarterly. This is why Chase offers automatic alerts via email notification and calendar.

Use your card on the bonus categories. Once you activate, you get 5% cash back on up to $ 1,500 spent in bonus categories for the quarter. Once you hit the limit of $ 1,500 in a quarter, any additional spending in that category earns you 1% cash back. Here are the categories for this year:

Freedom Hunt® and Chase Freedom Flex℠ bonus reward categories for 2021

• Wholesale clubs. • Select streaming services. • Internet, cable and telephone services.

• Gas stations. • Home improvement stores.

• Grocery stores. • Select streaming services.

To be determined
(In 2020: Walmart; PayPal.)

Combine it with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card to maximize Chase Ultimate rewards

Strictly speaking, the Freedom Hunt® don’t give you money. Rather, it gives you Chase Ultimate Rewards points which you can redeem for cash. For every dollar spent, you get 1 point; in the 5% bonus categories you get 5 points for $ 1. When exchanged for cash, the points are worth 1 cent each, so the effect is the same.

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However, if you also wear the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, you can increase the value of these points by 25%. To do this, you transfer points from your Freedom Hunt® to your Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, then use them to book travel through the Ultimate Rewards travel platform. When you use points this way, each has a value of 1.25 cents. the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card earn unlimited 2 points per $ 1 on travel and dining and 1 point per $ 1 everywhere else. The combination of these two cards gives you a bonus points on what you earn with the Freedom Hunt® and bonus points all year round via the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Win-win.

Save money on purchases with “Shop through Chase”

“Shop through Chase” is Chase’s online shopping portal that offers up to 15% cash back on purchases such as electronics, clothing and travel accessories. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Choose a retailer from the list of Chase partners. Clicking on the retailer’s link will take you to their website.

  2. Buy from the retailer’s site as you normally would and be sure to pay with your Chase Freedom® card.

If you’re a Chase Cardholder and you’re about to make a major purchase, it’s always worth checking out the Chase Shopping Portal before you spend – if you want to save money, fine. sure.

Use another card abroad

the Freedom Hunt® charges an overseas transaction fee of 3%, making it a poor choice for consumers looking for a card to use outside of the United States. many more the cards are delivered without transaction fees abroad.

How to redeem rewards on theFreedom Hunt®

To redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points:

  1. Log into your Chase account.

  2. Scroll down to yourFreedom Hunt®. (If you have multiple Chase cards, they will all be displayed together.)

  3. Click on “Go to Ultimate Rewards”.

  4. Choose how you want to use your points.

With the Freedom Hunt®, you can redeem points for 1 cent cash back per point starting at 500 points (or $ 5). There are other ways to redeem your points besides cash back but, as they say, money is king.

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