Lebanon County Land Transfers for the week of July 19

The following real estate transfers have been registered recently in Lebanon County:


Bruce E. Klingler, Sheriff, at REO Trust 2017-RPL1, 524 Maple Street, $ 2,947.41.

Lloyd R. Kreider Estate to William W. Jr. and Nancy R. Smeltzer, 50 Woodland Estates, $ 162,900.

Louise K. Koons to Amy J. Page and Suan M. Hartman, 1606 Oak St., $ 169,900.

Bradley P. Smith Estate at Dosh Management Group LLC, 27 Pershing Ave. $ 100,000.

Jeffrey Quinones-Cancel at Lianne Fout-Rosado, 133 S. Second St., $ 99,000.

Emanuel G. Fisher to Bennel L. Beiler, 1019 Lehman St., $ 135,000.

Carla M. Weaver Estate at Christina Laugner and Howard Gothright, property along South Sixth Street, $ 160,000.

Mary A. Fisher to Dustin C. Johnson, property along East Pine Street, $ 190,000.

Emanuel G. Fisher to Eli E. and Anna S. Blank, 1015 Lehman St., $ 266,750.

Carl E. White Jr. Estate to Barry E. Sr. and Goni Lyter, 1205 Poplar St., $ 187,000.

Russell E. Wengert at House Cash LLC, 524 Bollman Street, $ 65,000.

Susan Robb and Timothy E. Wolfe at Whispering Hope Enterprises, 521 S. Third Ave., $ 306,000.

John and Patrice Lunsted at Franchesca Ramirez-Rodriguez, 328 rue E. Beech, $ 48,000.

Fork Point LLC to Ralph D. Shellenhamer, Park Drive property, $ 142,500.

Roman and Olga Yudenko to Evan Spicer, 1438 Walnut St., $ 97,000.

Canton of North Lebanon

Jeffrey and Susan Putt to Elizabeth Marquez and Alexander Luzon, 1117 Hunter Chase Lane, $ 301,000.

Gloria Pushnik to Daniel Martin, property in the Canton of North Lebanon, $ 800,000.

Canton of South Lebanon

Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, to Donald K. and Teresa Dresety, property on Cambridge Drive, $ 497,374.

Randall Searer Sr. to William II and Natalia Smith, 3 Fox Road, $ 242,000.

Amanda Struphar at Luke Hair, 730 S. Lincoln Ave., $ 161,400.

E. Claire Earle to Michael R. and Janice Kersic, 16 Jayanne Drive, $ 236,000

Township of West Cornwall

Sinclair Communications LLC to Kenneth Espenshade, owned by the Township of North Cornwall, $ 114,100.

Ralph E. Kaylor to Roger A. and Barbara R. Hine, 130 Cassadee Court, $ 583,000.


Barbara Wertheimer and Samantha Wertheimer to Steven Ziegler and Lydia Brubaker, 1202 Ash Lane,

$ 405,000.

George E. Christianson, Gary T. Matthew, Henry J. Arnold, to Valeriy Toltstoy, 3501 Lebanon Road, $ 40,000.


Promise Lane LLC to Dave L. and Kelly J. Donmoyer, 34 Dogwood Lane, $ 128,000.

Rebecca J. Gacono-Harlan to Stephanie Rivera-Hermandez and Ramon Hernandez-Hernandez, 224, rue Cyrus, $ 290,000.

Canton of Annville Sud

Frederick C. Laurenzo at P&D Realty LLC, 692 Frattali Lane, $ 245,000.

Alyssa D. Smith at Suk M. and Chandra Gurung, 695 Fieldstone Drive, $ 445,000.

Township of South Londonderry

Nathan B. Shanaman to Alissa Kline, 2093 S. Forge Road, $ 250,000.

John D. Light to Richard B. and Jennifer L. Andrews, property on Stanley Drive, $ 365,000.


HR Weaver Building Systesm Inc. at Pratikkumar Patel and Jankiben Bhojani, 48 Cortland Crossing, $ 245,328.

Brian and Tracey Hernley at Tonya R. Blazina, 961 E. Oak St., $ 167,900.

Township of North Londonderry

Blake A. and Kaisha Freser to Michelle Cindrich, 1554 Cambridge Court, $ 174,100.

Ryan A. and Sarah Vaca at Akansha and Pipen Patel, property on Hickory Street, $ 260,000.

Yordy Enterprises LP in Tek Ghimirey and Maya Kadariya, property on Plaza Drive, $ 850,000.

Randy L. and Susan J. Fies to Gene P. Frazier, 1351 Duke St. $ 215,000.

Canton of Union

Christopher B. Bortz to Dustin R. and Rebekah A. Ulrich, 309 Shepherd St., $ 248,000.

Canton of Hanover East

James Halkias to Jenna Miller and Christopher Wonderly, 10287 Jonestown Road, $ 65,000.

Hans Bohn to James and Nancy Miller, owned at East Hanover Towship, $ 188,500.

David and Carol Bowser at Bryan R. Hoover, 10194 Jonestown Road, $ 210,000.

Municipality of Swatar

Vernon J. Weaer to David J. Toner, 10 Spruce Lane, $ 165,000.

Blake Nielson at Old Republic Diversified Services, property on Applewood Court, $ 443,000.

Old Republic Diversified Services to Anthony Fellin and Andrea Fellin, property on Applewood Court, $ 443,000.

Ronald Popp Jr. to Dean M. Bossler, property on Applewood Court, $ 170,500.

Jerald L. Kornhaus to Mitch and Cassandra Anderson, property in Swatara Township, $ 469,900.

Douglas B. Betz Jr. to Douglas A. Etter and Rachel K. Kohr, 112 Swatar Court, $ 265,000.

Susann D. Spangler to Shawn R. Sanders, 839 N. Lancaster St., $ 178,611.


Melissa M. and Kirk A. Hagenow, Darryl R. Hamm, to Joe L. May Sr., 265 Rose Lane, $ 270,000.

Canton of Bethel

Sangmin Lee to Steven B. Hitz, property on State Route 343, $ 265,000.

Denise L. Altrath Irrevocable trust in Terence M. Taylor, 15 Pine Ave., $ 225,000.

Sean and Bethany Bradley at Tiffany Miller, 127 N. Center St., $ 135,000.

C&R Investment Properties LLC to Shane and Shawn Moyer, 3030 S. Pine Grove St., $ 45,000.

Township of Jackson

Mike G. and Mary Moeslein at Courtney Brandt and Andrew Achebach, 37 Laurel Drive, $ 165,000.

Shane J. and Amy J. Zerbe to Christopher C. Haislip and Amber Whitman, 540 W. Main Ave., $ 192,000.


Jason and Sara Schwalm, Daniel and Ashly Landis, at John and Rebecca Zook, 145-147 W. Main Ave., $ 165,000.

Township of Millcreek

Merlyn E. and Naoma I. Witzke to Roman A. and Rebecca Lehman, 923 Texter Mountain Road, $ 300,000.

Brenda Clifford in Brandon and Courtney Serikstad, 103 Peach Street, $ 170,000.

Shelly Stallsmith is trend reporter for the York Daily Record. She can be reached at [email protected] or followed on Twitter at @ShelStallsmith.

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