Holocaust heroes in children’s literature. The stories at the tree house

Arezzo January 26, 2022 – If two 15-year-old girls can attack a 12-year-old boy because he is Jewish, then the children are perfectly capable of understanding what the Holocaust was. Unfortunately, the very serious episode of Venturina obliges more than ever to celebrate Remembrance Day. And the initiative of the bookstore La Casa sull’albero in Arezzo is aimed precisely at young and very young people, who have chosen the most significant titles among the children’s literature of the Einaudi catalog in which he talks about the Holocaust and for Thursday, January 27 organized a live link at 11 a.m. on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook page of the Arezzo bookstore with the bookseller Elena Giacomim and the writers Nicoletta Bortolotti and Federico Gregotti.

Bortolotti is the author of the novel the story of Giovanni Borromeo, proclaimed Roman physician who, thanks to his lies, managed to save many Jews by hospitalizing them, during the raids, at the Fatebenefratelli hospital, but also the author of , the life of Oskar Schindler who in Krakow, during the Second World War, gave refuge in his factory to thousands of Jews, saving them from death and to whom Steven Spielberg dedicated his famous film. Gregotti tells the story of Jewish artist and teacher who, locked up in Terezìn, gave birth to many artistic workshops that she led for and with children. She is a pioneer of art therapy, an art against pain and horror.


Books to discover and celebrate Remembrance Day, from the diary of Anne Frank to the life of cyclist Bartali, the illustrated book on the story of Bruno Schulz, world famous Jewish writer and designer who, with delicate words and suggestive images, tells the Holocaust and the story of a clumsy child who knew how to transform his diversity into opportunity. remembers the Polish Jewish doctor and pedagogue who devoted his life to helping children, about the life of Etty Hillesum as she left the Dutch camp of Westerbork in the direction of Auschwitz. And the words of Liliana Segre broken affections, pain, horror, innocent deaths and cold torturers, and an invitation to children to imagine a better world, to be able to build it.

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