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Robert Robinson raced the first 800m heat of the season at Killeen Bowlerama in the Adult/Youth league. He also won the Triple Exemplary Award for playing three 279 games.


It looks like the men of Hallmark were battling for the top seed. PJ Duerre and Allan Smith have both played 279 games, followed by Will Palumbo (276), Michael Bonnett and Jordan Cina (268) and Michael Dixon-Dates and Joseph White (267).

The high series was won by Smith (743). The other top scorers were David Norris (738), Dixon-Dates (733), Keith Desmarais (730) and Cina (720)

There were also high roller women. Cookie Reddock threw a 258, followed by Mary Schirripa (248), Kristie Duerre (242), Barbara Person (232) and Karin Ciesiolka (227).

Reddock won the high set award with a 642. The remaining 600 sets were played by Maya Dixon-Dates and Ciesiolka, both playing a 611 set.


Killeen Bowlerama’s big players included Darryl Martin (289), Adam Anguiano and Robert Robinson (279), Jeff Vanecek (278), Thomas Robideau and Russell Brown (277) and Bryan Cathey (276).

Rob Robinson led the high series battle with an 837, followed by Keith Desmarais (766), Brown (749), Anguiano (743), Toby Meier (737) and Curtis Robinson (726).

On the women’s side, Emily Berger won the best match of 267. Other notable matches came from Dot Mays (256), Erica McPhail (249), Stephanie Hamric (244), Jen Morgan (242) and Ashlie Mills (240). ).

Mills won the women’s best streak of 674. Other top scorers were McPhail (672), Sandi Charles (641) and Berger (640).


George Chapman played a game of 287 to lead the men. Behind him were Phil Thurston (266), James Brown (259), Rahsaan Turner (249) and Luis Baez (248).

For the three-game series, there was only one set of 700, played by Baez (706). The top three were Thurston (663) and Chapman (655).

The top female bowler of the week was Darla Walker, who had the highest game of 264 and the highest streak of 625.

Three others have played 200 games: Debbie Ochsner (207), Cookie Reddock (204) and Cherrie Aberle (203). Reddock (557) and Nee Wallace (521) closed the top three for the high series.


Robin Campbell won the best men’s game with a 290. Rick Eberhart (258), Eddy Crosswhite (254), Ryan Valvakenburgh (246), Phillip Morros (244) and Sam Barbero (242) had the other best scores.

High Series was led by Campbell (713), followed by Jeff Hough (689), Vanvalkenburgh (679), Crosswhite (669) and Campbell (656).

The leading scorers in the women’s game were Sandi Charles (234), Beverly LaRue (200), Deborah Ellison and Carol Roberts (199) and Karen Lischer (197).

The high series was played by Charles (626), with Ellison (542), Nancy Wood (534) and Larue (524) rounding out the top four.


The young bowlers of Killeen Bowlerama were on fire this week on the lanes. The scratch game leaders were Keegan Alexander (269), Jonathan Rosado (264), Robert Davie Jr. (245), Makayla Beckett (236) and Cameron Brown (224).

For best streak, Alexander threw a 730, followed by Rosado (646), Beckett (628) and Davie (615).

Hallmark Lanes’ youth program, Stars of Tomorrow, was led by Rosado with a 211 followed by Caroline Neely with a 200. Other notable matches included Solomon Loyd (188), Joshua Ortiz (187), Roland Rivera (173) and Brayden Colon (173).

Loyd won the first series with a 557. Neeley (545), Rosado (525) and Colon (503) finished in the top four.

For the Stars of Next Year program, the top bowlers were the Xayachack brothers – Caleb (161) and Luke (142). Tyler Desmarais threw a 136, followed by Justin Linker (122) and Grayson Lassiter (120).

For sets, Luke Xayachack played the best set of 413. Other best sets were played by Caleb Xayachack (399), Desmarais (374), Lassiter (336) and Linker (287). Kaydence Jeffers played 91 games and 251 series.


The first of two weekends of the GKFHUSBC City Open Championship Tournament has come to an end. All scores include handicap unless otherwise stated. The Storm Chasers (Lawrence Krueger, Anthony Powell, Chuck Lantz and Luis Baez) currently hold the top spot in Team Division 1 (average total is 760+ pins).

For Division 2, the leaders are Strike Force (Douglas Parker, John “Action” Jackson, Charles Brooks and Patrick Simmons). For Division 1 doubles (average total is 380+) are the pair of Luis Baez and Anthony Powell with a 1436. For Division 2 doubles (average total is under 380), father-son duo by Kurt and David Romero leads with a score of 1436.

Division 1 singles (190+ average) is led by Jason Stockton with a 771. Division 2 leader is Mike Fuller with an 816.

All Events is an optional event for people who participate in team, doubles and singles events. The tally of their scores can be zero and include the handicap. As with the singles event, Division 1 is for bowlers with averages of 190 and above, while Division 2 is for bowlers with averages below 190.

Handicap all events The leader of division 1 is Jason Stockton (2138) For the scratch all events of division 1, the leader is Luis Baez (2104). For Division 2, handicap all events, the leader is Douglas Parker (2045), and for the scratch, the leader is Charles Lantz (1735)

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