French LitFest 2022 and the city for all? exhibition held in Delhi

Hello India, the French LitFest 2022 and the City for all? exhibition was recently held in Delhi at Bikaner House on May 7-8. During the exhibition, visitors took an organized walk, participated in an inauguration, participated in an open microphone session, interacted with the city for all? and participated in an Astro Night Sky Tourism session.

A summer arts and culture festival celebrates the relationship that India and France share. The festival funded by the French government and supported by the French Embassy travels to 19 cities with over 200 events.

During the French LitFest 2022, leading French authors, graphic novelists and children’s writers organized a French literary weekend filled with round tables and debates on contemporary French literature and poetry at the prestigious Maison Bikaner.

The French LitFest 2022 was inaugurated by Ms. Eva Nguyen Binh, President of the French Institute, France, and Ms. Mugdha Sinha, Secretary for Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, on May 7 at Bikaner House.

As part of the French LitFest 2022, French authors travel across India to meet their readers and discuss with Indian authors and publishers. People meet the authors on tour in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pondicherry, Pune, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. The authors were: Tiffany Tavernier, François-Henri Désérable, Patricia Loison, Marie Darrieussecq, Patrick Weil, Marie Desplechin, Simon Lamouret, Anaïs Depommier, Cyril Nguyen Dinh, Christine Jordis and Jul Berjeaut

LitFest began with a panel discussion around trends in contemporary French literature with three famous French authors who discussed what it means to be a woman, an author and the “wanderers” of the world.

The three authors are Christine Jordis born in Algiers, Patricia Loison in Delhi and Marie Darrieussecq in Bayonne. Three countries, three identities, one love: literature! During the round table, the three authors spoke with Arunima Mazumdar.

Interesting literary talks in bookstores have also been organized as part of the French LitFest 2022.

The Night of Cinema and Literature was held on the evening of May 8 with author and screenwriter Tiffany Tavernier.

Visitors discovered new solutions that can make public spaces more accessible to women and transgender people. They enjoyed an organized walk with artist and architect Swati Janu, an open mic session with poets as well as an Astro Night Sky sightseeing session.

Five days before the exhibition, 6 pin-up maps of Delhi were created in 6 districts of Delhi: CR Park, Sundernagari, Lajat Nagar, Janakpuri, Badarpur and Khirkee. The neighborhoods chosen are diversified to allow people from different backgrounds to take part in an activity. People were asked where they liked to go with their family and friends.

Architect and artist Swati Janu said on the city for all? project and exhibition, “Over the past week, by interacting with thousands of people in the 6 cities, we have learned which spaces are truly inclusive and open to everyone in each city. Surprisingly, these differ from city to city. to another.While Pune has its local ‘tekdis’ hills, Bangalore has its lakes as important public spaces which are unfortunately fast disappearing.Delhi is a city of monuments which are becoming the most popular for people from diverse backgrounds.India Gate is everyone’s favorite public space here in Delhi.

“However, its popularity has dropped as it is closed for construction of Central Vista. While Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh is a similar public space in Chandigarh, in Jaipur it turned out to be Amer Fort,” she added.

Transgender people explained that most beauty salons do not entertain them and shopping malls often refuse them entry because of their gender.

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