Forres Bowling Club Championship Finalists Announced

John Ross, back and playing well, and Forres Bowling Club’s Harry Sutherland were finalists for the Pairs at Nairn Week.

David Towersey, Alan McKenzie, Harry Sutherland and John Ross.

They were beaten 14-8 in the final by Alan McKenzie and David Towersey of Nairn Bowling Club.

Derek Sobey reached the final of the men’s championship for the first time by defeating the holder, Dean Dobbs, in the semi-finals this year.

Sobey won three of the first four ends to lead 4-2, but Dobbs then scored to lead 6-4. After trading singles, Sobey rode a winning streak of six innings to take a 16-7 advantage.

Dobbs wasn’t one to give up his trophy without a fight, reducing the score to 18-14 before Sobey could seal his pass. Only Brian Riddell or 2018 champion John Matthews can stop Sobey from lifting the trophy.

Alana Coutts will face her mother, Lesley, in the Women’s Championship final after overcoming a tenacious challenge from Wilma Petrie in the semis.

Petrie hit the ground running, leading 5-0 after the first pair of ends. Coutts then rallied his game to win half a dozen ends and take a 9-5 advantage. A few bits later, Petrie had squared things up again.

The game started to swing one way and then the other as both players imagined their chances. With seventeen ends played, Coutts held a slim 16-15 lead. Three ends later, she had won the draw 21-15.

Malcolm Swinswood reached his second final in his first season at Forres Bowling Club. His experience won out over Alana Coutts’ youthful exuberance in the President’s Handicap semi-final.

Coutts scored a brace in the first end, but was quick to chase after the game. With half a dozen ends played, Swinswood held a 6-4 advantage. He then went on a five-inning winning streak, scoring eleven hits in the process. Alana responded and won a few more ends, but it had to be Malcolm’s game. Malcolm will face Gary Mackie in the final.

Roy Anderson and Paul Coutts are in the Usher Cup final with a deserved win over Alex Porter and Dean Dobbs.

Dobbs was pretty much on his own in the first half of the game, taking a 7-3 lead after a handful of ends. Anderson and Coutts equalized a few volleys later, then hit a six to race ahead.

They were six shots ahead with two ends to play. Three shots taken out in the 14th made the last end interesting. Porter and Dobbs were lying the three shots needed to force an extra inning until Coutts pushed into one of Anderson’s bowls with his penultimate shot.

Alana Coutts is through to another final just 24 hours after reaching the Women’s Championship showpiece. She scored a maximum on her way to a 10-2 lead over Ed Harris after five ends of their tie with John Raffan.

Harris struggled to keep the youngster at bay, and a handful of ends later trailed 15-4. Although he won the next three ends, Coutts secured his place in the final against Gary Mackie.

Henry Davidson climbed to the top of a crowded Scott Cup standings after picking up five points in the tightly contested final round. No less than four players are only one point behind with four rounds to go.

Davidson, Mary Williamson and Sandy Burgess hit an early six as they took a 16-3 lead over Dean Dobbs, who came back extremely well in the second half but the deficit was just too big.

Unbeknownst to him, Sam Morrison was in the frame until Brian Caldwell scored twice in each of the final two ends.

Malcolm Swinswood squandered the opportunity to win overall for the first time. Although he consistently won every week he played, more was expected of him after leading leader Paul Coutts 9-0 to just five ends.

John Matthews was not very generous. Leading 11-3 at halftime, he conceded just one shot in all but one of the nine ends he lost to Alex Porter.

Losing the last handful of ends to Mary Sobey kept Gary Mackie from returning to the top of the table.

Scores: A Burgess 20, D Dobbs 15; S Morrison 16, B Caldwell 12; M Swinswood 14, P Coutts 10; J Matthews 14, A Porter 10; G Mackie 17, M Sobey 14.

Mary Williamson won three hats in a row with her win on Wednesday afternoon as she teamed up with Ed Harris, and the pair won all four of their sets.

Peggy Locke was only beaten by a draw after the first set or she would have kept moving.

Brian Caldwell was the beneficiary of this play and won his other sets.

Marjory McCarthy has been involved in big scores. She hit a six, but also lost a six and two fives.

Charlie Watt couldn’t buy a shot, losing all four sets.

Hazel Caldwell was also static, despite her first two runs.

Scores: E Harris 17 up; P Locke 16 up; B Caldwell 14 up; Mr McCarthy 10 down; C Watt 12 down; H Caldwell 25 down.

Not content with reaching two club finals last week, Alana Coutts maintained her impressive form to skip her triple and win Thursday’s Moving Hat-Night. Peggy Locke and Charlie Watt provided assistance to Coutts on this occasion.

They kept moving, albeit in part thanks to a draw after the second set, all night long, dropping just one shot in the final nine ends.

Lesley Coutts must have regretted a second-set loss, but improved a lot in the second half.

John Matthews had to catch up after losing the first set 8-4. His big fightback was cut short when he lost a four in the penultimate innings.

Up three shots at halftime, Paul Coutts uncharacteristically lost a five in the 13th end.

Malcolm Swinswood recently lost some of his early season form and was denied a move by the play.

Brian Caldwell was grateful for a piece. It provided his only highlight of the evening.

Scores: A Coutts 16 up; L Costs 8 up; J Matthews 4 place; P Coutts 3 down; M Swinswood 9 down; B Caldwell 16 down.

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