Former Midland football star finds success with Bolt Real Estate Group

When Jacobe Kendrick was in high school, “real estate” was something he and his teammates ate as part of some power Lee football offenses.

His football success continued in the Air Force, where as a fullback he rushed for over 1,000 career yards.

After his five years of service in the Air Force, Kendrick returned to West Texas and began selling real estate. Once established, Kendrick helped other real estate agents achieve the same success he had helping Midland-Odessa residents buy and sell their homes. From there, he created Bolt Real Estate Group.

“’He’s got everything a leader should have,’ said Omar Medrano, a member of Bolt’s real estate team. will ensure that you always do better. He is very good at teaching you this trade. I have been in real estate for a year, and I feel that because he is my team leader and my mentor, I’ve been there much longer than that.

Medrano, a 2019 high school graduate, has been with the company for a year. He is one of the youngest members of staff – aged between 21 and 38 – who is part of Bolt Real Estate Group. Bolt is not much different from Midland itself, whose residents have an average age of 31 or 32, according to city officials.

Kendrick says the best part about having a young team at Bolt is how ambitious and goal-oriented the staff members are.

“They’re hungry,” Kendrick said. “I know a lot of young people have a bad reputation. People say (young people) don’t work as hard as some of the older ones, but I think they work just as hard, you just have to know how to motivate them.

Kendrick also appreciates that his staff are always looking for new ways to solve problems and improve the brand.

Growing up in Midland

Kendrick grew up in Midland, which he says has provided valuable insight into the real estate industry, as he knows what makes this city tick. He has seen the changes, the growth areas and still knows the older areas – the more traditional parts of the city.

“You just know oil goes, so does everything else in this town,” Kendrick explained. “There’s also a certain way of life for people here, just knowing about it, growing into it, knowing the kind of things people go through in this industry. Knowing that we work hard and are blue collar really helps.

Kendrick and Bolt Real Estate found success in the Midland market, but he says the real estate business wasn’t on his radar growing up or throughout his college career.

Kendrick was attending his Air Force Transition Assistance Program after his military service when the topic of financial IQ came up. This led Kendrick to discover the real estate industry.

“I ended up reading”Rich dad, poor dad, I just knew I didn’t want to trade time for money, so they started talking about passive income and real estate was kind of the easiest way to do that. Where the ordinary person could walk in with a small amount of money,” Kendrick said.

Originally, Kendrick wanted to invest in properties until he got his real estate license and helped a client buy his house. Experiencing first-hand the fun and joy of helping others find their new home led Kendrick to continue on the real estate path.

Tap into their youthful exuberance

One of the ways Bolt has increased his visibility is through popular media. Kendrick is one half of the “Jerry and Jacobe” podcast, where he discusses the rules of success, the housing market, and the hurdles to overcome in the business world, among other topics. His YouTube channel features houses and provides viewers with in-depth knowledge of the Midland-Odessa housing market.

Kendrick said the motivation for young team members comes from determining their individual wants and desires, and then finding ways to help them grow and succeed.

“I think people are looking for companies and people who are going to help them achieve their dreams, and that’s what I try to help them do,” he said.

Medrano said he believes being in his early 20s means there are fewer distractions that get in the way of his passion for providing a quality experience for his customers during the buying and selling process. .

“I’m totally focused on Bolt Real Estate Group,” he said.

Medrano has recently seen an increase in the number of young adults and first families moving to Midland, primarily due to oil company employment or work in the oil field and related businesses.

According to Medrano, cohesion is the key to Bolt’s success.

“From our assistant transaction coordinator and our team leader, we all work as a team. We make sure everything goes well,” he explained.

Through an energetic work ethic, strong leadership and using the media to promote its brand, Bolt Real Estate Group continues to grow every day.

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