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Like most entrepreneurs, you immerse yourself in your business – between hiring and managing employees, day-to-day tasks, and how to grow your business. Every penny goes to fuel the growth of your business. You can’t consider one more item on your to-do list, especially a business like buying real estate. I am writing this article to change your mind.

Currently, you have all your eggs in one basket with no big safety net. A slow month or quarterly projection that misses the mark can be extremely stressful. I think there is a way to ease some of the emotional roller coaster by owning assets that can work for you while you work on your business. After all, real estate investors make up 90% of millionaires. As a savvy entrepreneur, I doubt you want to pass up those chances.

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Now that I’ve piqued your interest, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should invest in real estate and ways to take action today.

1. A property’s equity is available for a large cash injection through a refinance or HELOC

If you buy a property over time, its value will increase. The amount between your purchase price and the raise is all profit. You can refinance that money and owe no tax on it, or if it’s a primary residence, you can get a HELOC against the mortgage. I know a few business owners who needed a few hundred thousand dollars to grow their business and get the money fast because they owned real estate. I’m not advocating spending irresponsibly, but there are times when the influx of money is needed – and fast. It would be nice to have that safety net.

2. Take advantage of massive tax deductions by owning your building

If you run a business where you need retail, warehouse or office space, consider buying the building instead of renting it. I know it’s not always possible, but if you’re saving money and investing in the stock market or paying very high monthly rent, why not take those funds and use them as an asset? You will save money on rent. You can also have a building where you can have tenants covering your mortgage. You benefit from significant tax deductions and can even take advantage of solar credits. The benefits are endless. Buying a building may not be feasible if you are in the early stages of growing your business, but it can certainly earn a place in a three-year business plan.

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3. Create an additional income stream that generates profits whether you work or not

I believe in having multiple sources of income, especially those that pay you not to work. I’m talking about cash. After paying all your bills and your mortgage on a property, the money you earn is yours. This can be a significant amount, depending on the number of assets you own and the profit margins.

4. Reduces volatility if you only invest in stocks and hedge against inflation

Most of the income that goes into your business usually comes back directly into your business. Yet, when paid personally through your business, you are likely to set up a savings account and invest it in stocks or mutual funds. You could take those savings and invest in real estate. Stocks won’t give you many of the benefits shared in this article. Also, if your tenants are covering your mortgage on a property, it doesn’t matter if the value of your property drops temporarily. You could potentially continue to earn income from the property if you have cash, no matter what the market does. With all the variables of running a business, reduce your stress level knowing you have no pending bills.

Moreover, if inflation increases, the value of the currency decreases. It takes more to make the same purchase. If you buy a property with a fixed rate mortgage, your monthly payment is based on the dollar value at the time of purchase. As you make payments over the years, you pay with cheaper dollars as inflation rises. If you’re not convinced, remember that the entire island of Manhattan was purchased in 1626 from the Dutch for $24 worth of beads and trinkets.

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5. Someone Else Does The Work While You Still Get Great Returns – If You Invest Passively

Imagine if, while running your business, $10,000 was deposited into your account every month? You can invest in syndication deals where you are 100% passive and collect significant returns. These are large multi-family storage units, industrial buildings and mobile home parks, where someone handles all the moving parts of the transaction and invests your money while you make a profit. On top of all that, you can take advantage of depreciation. The amount of passive loss you re-report through passive gains is tax deductible.

“But is it risky or complicated to get into real estate?” you ask. It’s not as complicated as other investors want you to think. The more competition there is in the market, the harder it is for real estate investors to find deals. I believe there is enough room for everyone in every market, so I want you to know this best kept secret. Buying real estate is infinitely easier than building a profitable business. In other words, you can do it. As an entrepreneur, you are driven by success and need to use every tool possible to achieve your goals. I don’t know anyone who has bought real estate at the right price and ever said that buying real estate wasn’t a fantastic decision for all aspects of their life. After all, 90% of millionaires can’t be wrong.

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Months after diabetes diagnosis, teen wins state bowling title Tue, 28 Jun 2022 13:11:52 +0000

On March 30, 2021, life changed dramatically for Lincoln Sondreal.

He had no energy. He would hide from his family and sleep whenever he could. With fatigue, he never seemed to be able to quench his thirst.

A life-changing diagnosis

One day, these symptoms were particularly severe. Lincoln’s parents, Jesse and Stacy Sondreal, took him to the hospital for a blood test. They thought he was suffering from a urinary tract infection (urinary tract infection).

During the blood draw, providers found that his fasting blood sugar value was 421 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL).

For context:

  • A normal fasting blood glucose level is below 100 mg/dL.
  • If it is greater than 126, on consecutive tests, a patient is considered diabetic.

“I had to be rushed to the emergency room,” he recalls.

His mother Stacy said bringing him to the emergency room and finding out he had diabetes was the worst day of his life.

“They knew straight away that he had diabetes. He remained in intensive care for three days and three nights. We have learned to manage it. It was devastating,” she said through tears.

Kurt Griffin, PhD, MD, is a pediatric endocrinologist at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, said diabetes can be hard to catch.

“Type 1 diabetes, as an autoimmune disease, often smolders in a teenager, perhaps even years before they show symptoms,” Dr. Griffin said. “Unless you’re looking for evidence of this reaction against your own body, you don’t know it’s there.

“Autoimmune destruction usually progresses for years without any symptoms. Eventually, symptoms like drinking more, going to the bathroom more often, and losing weight begin unintentionally gradually and are often missed. From this point, diabetes rapidly progresses to a life-threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). If we know which children are on the path to T1D, we can intervene early and prevent DKA. This is what drives the PLEDGE screening program.

Lose one sport, find another

With just one conversation with Lincoln, you would easily be able to tell how much he loves sports. In fact, he “never missed an NFL, NHL, NBA or PBA game on TV,” he said while donning a Minnesota Timberwolves hoodie.

At the time of this incident and diagnosis, Lincoln, a high school freshman, was the starting quarterback for his college football team in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He had to make the sobering decision to walk away from the game he loved.

“I still tried to maintain my level of activity. We lived by a river and had a lake, and I was always outside working and just found out how physically taxing it was on my blood sugar. And, having all these devices, like a pump and a CGM (continuous glucometer), I didn’t want to take the beating that football players were getting,” he said.

But he did not want to completely give up the sport. So he tried bowling.

He is now a state champion in South Dakota.

Nine months ago, the Sondreals moved to Brookings, South Dakota. During the move, Jesse and Stacy Sondreal said Lincoln met with Empire Bowl staff in Sioux Falls, who drilled his bowling ball and showed Lincoln some advice.

But Lincoln took it from there.

“Since that day in early August when I first got the bowling ball, I’ve won a state championship with my high school team at Brookings. I’ve won a singles tournament of junior scholarship tournament, and I’ve been in the cash or cash or top 5 in almost every tournament I’ve been in.

“I qualified for Junior Gold, which is a national USBC (United States Bowling Congress) tournament this summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” he said.

World-Class Compassionate Care

A diagnosis of diabetes is a lifelong ordeal. Despite this, Lincoln said he was able to devote himself so much to bowling because he was confident in his care at Sanford.

“The care I have received here at Sanford has been outstanding. It’s on a very personal level. They pay attention to detail unlike other places they just make a few adjustments according to the book and then you are on your way.

“This place feels like a house, even a community. You go to a really big hospital, or even just one in your home town, it might be too personal or there’s not enough connection there, where you’re missing something. Here, all the bases are covered. Everything is taken care of and you feel good when you leave,” he said.

Jesse Sondreal echoed Lincoln’s words. He said the team was beyond personality and expertise like no other.

“We met Dr. Griffin here at Sanford Children’s Hospital and (he) really changed the trajectory of Lincoln’s care. Looking at Dr. Griffin, it looks a bit like something out of “A Beautiful Mind,” drawing algorithms and calculations to really fine-tune his parameters. His approach was a game-changer for us,” he laughed.

“What’s great about South Dakota is you have this small-town environment, a neighborhood community environment, and then world-class people like Dr. Griffin and his team,” he added. .

When the Sondreals moved from the Twin Cities to Brookings, they had to look for other care providers.

When they first met Dr. Griffin and his team and explained their situation, “they immediately said, ‘I’m so sorry this happened to you,'” Stacy explained.

“(Just) that amount of compassion when you’re really hurting was something,” she added.

Be proud in adversity

Stacy and Jesse struggled to express how proud they were to call Lincoln their son.

“Proud is not the word. I’m just in awe of him. He is incredible. I can’t believe he’s mine. He’s brilliant, amazing, everything you want your son to be,” she said, tears of joy streaming down her face.

Jesse went so far as to call him a role model.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my son. His spirit of resolve and determination, and his willingness to never settle for less than he wants to achieve, has been an inspiration to me and his entire family.

Learn more

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Foundry Partners LLC sells 5,060 shares of Bancorp, Inc. clients (NYSE: CUBI) Mon, 27 Jun 2022 09:14:17 +0000

Foundry Partners LLC reduced its position in Customers Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: CUBIGet an assessment) by 56.3% in Q1, according to the company in its latest 13F filing with the SEC. The institutional investor held 3,925 shares of the bank after selling 5,060 shares during the quarter. Foundry Partners LLC’s holdings in Customers Bancorp were worth $205,000 when it last filed with the SEC.

Several other hedge funds and other institutional investors have also recently changed their positions in CUBI. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd bought a new stake in shares of Customers Bancorp in Q4, valued at around $34,000. Lazard Asset Management LLC increased its stake in Customers Bancorp shares by 70.5% in the fourth quarter. Lazard Asset Management LLC now owns 687 shares of the bank valued at $44,000 after buying an additional 284 shares last quarter. National Bank of Canada FI purchased a new stake in Customers Bancorp stock in Q4 valued at approximately $87,000. Point72 Asset Management LP bought a new stake in Customers Bancorp stock in Q4, valued at around $92,000. Finally, Captrust Financial Advisors increased its position in Customers Bancorp by 9.0% during the third quarter. Captrust Financial Advisors now owns 2,801 shares of the bank worth $120,000 after buying 231 additional shares during the period. 83.48% of the shares are held by institutional investors and hedge funds.

Shares of CUBI stock opened at $35.18 on Monday. Bancorp, Inc. Clients has a 12-month low of $32.19 and a 12-month high of $76.13. The company has a market capitalization of $1.16 billion, a PE ratio of 3.51 and a beta of 1.58. The stock has a 50-day moving average of $39.79 and a 200-day moving average of $52.49. The company has a quick ratio of 0.81, a current ratio of 0.81 and a debt ratio of 0.15.

Bancorp Customers (NYSE: CUBIGet an assessment) last reported results on Wednesday, April 27. The bank reported EPS of $2.19 for the quarter, beating consensus analyst estimates of $1.66 by $0.53. The company posted revenue of $185.90 million in the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $170.48 million. Customers Bancorp had a return on equity of 30.79% and a net margin of 40.14%. As a group, stock analysts predict Customers Bancorp, Inc. will post EPS of 7.19 for the current fiscal year.

Separately, Chief Financial Officer Carla A. Leibold acquired 1,000 shares of the company in a transaction on Friday, May 6. The shares were purchased at an average cost of $42.10 per share, for a total transaction of $42,100.00. Following the completion of the purchase, the CFO now directly owns 68,348 shares of the company, valued at approximately $2,877,450.80. The transaction was disclosed in an SEC filing, which is available via the SEC website. Additionally, CEO Samvir S. Sidhu acquired 2,965 shares of the company in a transaction on Friday, May 6. The shares were purchased at an average price of $42.10 per share, with a total value of $124,826.50. Following the completion of the purchase, the CEO now directly owns 80,637 shares of the company, valued at $3,394,817.70. Disclosure of this purchase can be found here. Insiders have purchased 4,465 shares of the company worth $186,912 over the past 90 days. 6.75% of the shares are currently held by company insiders.

A number of equity research analysts have published reports on CUBI shares. B. Riley reduced his target price on Customers Bancorp from $100.00 to $90.00 in a Tuesday, April 12 research report. Stephens began covering Customers Bancorp in a research report on Monday, March 28. They set an “equal weight” rating and a target price of $62.50 for the company. began covering Customers Bancorp in a research report on Thursday, March 31. They set a “holding” rating for the company. Maxim Group reaffirmed a “buy” rating and set a target price of $85.00 on Customers Bancorp stock in a Friday, April 29 research report. Finally, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods upgraded Customers Bancorp from a “market performance” rating to an “outperform” rating and increased its target price for the stock from $72.00 to $80.00 in a research report from Monday, March 28. Four research analysts gave the stock a hold rating and five gave the stock a buy rating. Based on data from MarketBeat, the stock has an average rating of “Moderate Buy” and a consensus price target of $72.36.

Bancorp Clients Profile (Get an assessment)

Customers Bancorp, Inc operates as a banking holding company for Customers Bank which provides financial products and services to individuals and small and medium businesses. The Company offers deposit products, including checking, savings, MMDA and other deposit accounts. It offers lending products, including commercial warehouse mortgages, multifamily and commercial real estate loans, business banking, small business loans, equipment financing, residential mortgages and installment loans.

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Assessing real estate values ​​in Chicago is an inexact science Mon, 27 Jun 2022 03:48:27 +0000 Much of the Cook County Assessor’s work is accomplished using digital tools. However, the data used to arrive at an accurate valuation of your property is often not available to the appraiser in its final form.

26 June 22 – Assessing true real estate values ​​in Chicago and throughout Cook County is truly an inexact science and a challenge.

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi readily admits his field team, which helps maintain the residential features of 1.2 million properties, cannot legally enter the homes and therefore “must make educated guesses” about interior features, upgrades and appointments .

Who knows how many thousands of houses and two apartments in Chicago have basements, attics, garages and apartments with illegal kitchens and bathrooms dating from before the end of World War II?

The appraiser’s team readily admits that they cannot be realistically staffed to knock on every residential property door in Cook County each year and instead rely on home improvement permits to trigger site visits. .

“Permission is an incomplete process at best – some home improvements are done without permission, and some permits don’t accurately represent work in progress,” according to a new Open Data Portal recently opened by the assessor.

Much of the work of appraiser staff is accomplished using digital tools, including the Automated assessment model. AVM is associated with package universe to enable convenient spatial analysis and mapping of sales, which can be joined to historical estimated values ​​for ratio studies, notes the Open Data Portal.

It’s understood?

It’s no wonder, then, that Assessor Kaegi says his data service cannot currently guarantee that historical and current plot values ​​match what’s presented on his website. As a result, the data used to arrive at an accurate assessment is often not available to data staff in its final form.

“We hope to soon be able to confirm the accuracy of the data we make available here versus what is available on the website,” according to the Open Data Report.

Cook County Government

In an effort to ensure government transparency, Kaegi recently posted millions of rows of data to the Cook County Open Data Portal. The Assessor’s Office datasets can be viewed and downloaded online at 2022 Open Data Refresh.

The data for each property contains the following:

• Values ​​assessed from 1999 to 2021.

• Transaction and sales data.

• Location data, such as the school district in which the property is located and distances to amenities, including the nearest L station or park.

• Physical characteristics of houses and condominiums.

These datasets will be automatically updated periodically with new information as it is entered. iasWorldthe Office of the Assessor’s modernized assessment registration system.

Fritz Kaegi

“Since the start of my administration, I have prioritized transparency and data integrity,” Kaegi (left) said. “The release of this historic valuation data demonstrates my commitment to these values.”

Kaegi, who is running for re-election, has been targeted and criticized by large commercial building owners and apartment developers for refocusing appraisal efforts on them – and away from landlords, who bear the bulk of the tax burden for decades.

Kaegi’s opponent is Kari Steelepresident of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

Homeowners who think they are overvalued should file an appeal, advises an expert property assessment lawyer Michael Griffin. Visit the appraiser’s website or call 312-443-7550 to find comparable properties or start the appeal process.

Who is Matthew Potts? The unlikely rise of England’s new fast bowling Test match star Sun, 26 Jun 2022 19:28:21 +0000

HEADINGLEY, LEEDS – Fans of a rejuvenated England squad were able to celebrate the exploits of familiar heroes as the afternoon turned into the evening of day four of the 3rd Test against New Zealand.

Jack Leach blocked as Ben Stokes bludgeoned to beat Australia on this ground three years ago, but the left-arm spinner has thrived in his starring role this time around.

Leach played with a control that often escaped him during his Test career, securing long partnerships between Tom Latham and Kane Williamson and then Daryl Mitchell and Tom Blundell never far from England. Feasting on Black Caps cock was his reward. A return of 5/66 was his second five of the match and meant a 10-wicket opener in the longest format.

Despite early losses to Alex Lees and Zak Crawley, Joe Root played with lush ease alongside Ollie Pope to delight his home crowd, never more so than when he implausibly knocked down Neil Wagner for six.

But England closing 183/2 in a quick 296 chase for victory was only possible thanks to a star who opened the door just when Mitchell and Blundell appeared to have changed the locks. At just 23 years old, Matthew Potts appears to be born to be a fast Test match pitcher.

MORE: England v New Zealand score, highlights and analysis from 3rd Test at Headingley as Pope and Root propel Stokes men to series blank

Did Matthew Potts play for England in the Test series against West Indies?

The story of Potts’ rapid rise begins in March 2022, when it hasn’t begun at all.

England drew reactions that wavered between outrage and bewilderment as they left James Anderson and Stuart Broad out of their squad to play a three-game series against the West Indies, in the ill-fated Red Ball Test.

The closest Potts to a revamped roster, who was already without Jofra Archer, Mark Wood, Ollie Robinson, Sam Curran and Olly Stone due to injury, was to be put on hold at home. Matthew Fisher and Saqib Mahmood made their Test debuts in a 1-0 series loss that marked the end of Root’s captaincy.

Why was Matthew Potts chosen to play in the test matches against New Zealand?

Wood is now also sidelined after elbow surgery, while Fisher and Mahmood have joined Archer, Curran and Stone in being hit with stress fractures in their backs.

These unfortunate circumstances and England’s change in management combined to create an opportunity for Potts. Newly appointed test skipper Stokes returned to Durham to contest the early season rounds of the County Championship and found a young tailor making waves.

In six matches, Potts took 35 wickets at an average of 18.57, with best figures of 7/40. He suddenly looked like a perfect candidate for England’s new era in the longest format under Stokes and head coach Brendon McCullum.

How many wickets did Matthew Potts take in the England vs New Zealand test series?

As the introductions to test cricket go, it is quite difficult to fire one of the best players in the world in your first match at Lord’s.

That’s exactly what Potts did in the series opener, having Kane Williamson taken behind. Impressive, things continued more or less in the same vein.

New Zealand captain Williamson has fallen three times against Potts in four innings, while the 23-year-old has 14 wickets in total at 23.28.

That said, fast young bowlers bursting onto the scene with a bunch of wickets against hitters who don’t know too much about them is not an entirely uncommon occurrence.

Where Potts gave the clearest indication of a long-term future at the top level was how he thrived when he was given additional responsibilities at Leeds this week.

Why isn’t James Anderson playing in England against New Zealand at Headingley?

The answer is not ‘because he’s from Lancashire and he hates Yorkshire’. The reality is more mundane. Anderson, England’s all-time veteran, has an ankle problem and hasn’t taken a chance with next week’s encounter against India at Edgbaston on the horizon.

Anderson and Broad have 1,200 Test wickets between them. The first change of bowling after two masters of their craft is a very good concert. Being asked to replace the greatest bowler in your country is a bit more daunting.

That was the briefing given to Potts at Headingley as Jamie Overton came on as an X-factor option in the attack. Alongside Broad, Potts would be accused of relentlessly hitting his lines and lengths and smothering New Zealand hitters with the oxygen of easy runs.

He did it impeccably in both runs. After the Black Caps won the coin toss and elected to strike, Potts took the ball again and proceeded to dispatch 26 overs for numbers of 1/34 with 11 maidens. This equated to a miserly economy rate of 1.3 races per plus. No English tailor who has scored 20 or more overs in an innings in this century has been so frugal.

His 3/66 second innings featured the in-form Mitchell’s vital fourth-afternoon wicket, which created the opening for Leach to cheer.

“We hung on well and I think Pottsy played really well, he kept going and going. He probably deserved five wickets,” the spinner said afterwards, acknowledging his debt to the youngster.

How fast does Matthew Potts play?

For all the earth-shattering excitement of the nascent McCullum-Stokes era, Potts doesn’t quite tick that box stylistically. While Overton entered the team as a man known for being able to hit 90mph, Broad’s latest new partner is in the low-to-mid 80mph range.

Strong, repeatable action means he passes the ball around fast enough to let hitters know they’re in a fight. Potts’ real strengths lie in his unerring accuracy – especially in the off-stump outside channel for right-handers – and his ability to swing the ball back and forth.

Blundell enjoyed more success than most in Potts’ eight-game stint on Sunday, finishing 88 paces, but the New Zealand wicket-striker knew he had entered an elite-level contest.

“It was a good battle. I think that spell was a serious bowling spell, even with that old ball,” he said.

“Having the ability to move the ball back and forth off the ropes… was pretty impressive, to be honest.

“It felt like you had to be ‘turned on.’ I thought he was playing damn well.

All the evidence suggests that Blundell will have many more international players to share Matthew Potts war stories with in the months and years to come.

In a Time of Racial Divide, Remembering Pearl S. Buck’s Multicultural Orientation Sun, 26 Jun 2022 10:03:52 +0000

Recently my wife and I visited the Pearl S. Buck House in Perkasie – the former residence and estate of Buck, the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938 and the second American woman to win a Nobel Prize .

Buck is best known for writing the novel The Good Earthwhich also received the Pulitzer Prize in 1932. The book was a rarity for its time – it provided the West with a compassionate and introspective insight into the world of Chinese peasants and their struggle to survive, in an easily readable style.

Born June 26, 1892, Buck was taken to China at the age of 3 months by her parents, who were Southern Presbyterian missionaries, and grew up among the Chinese. She was fluent in Mandarin and knew what it was like to be a white foreigner in Asia.

Despite worldwide praise for a cross-cultural novel that can only be created by someone who is both an insider and an outsider in two separate cultures, Buck was ridiculed by poet Robert Frost, who said after his Nobel Prize that “If she can get it, anyone can.” It’s tempting to wonder if jealousy, elitism or misogyny factored into his derogatory commentary, given the standards of the time.

What struck me during a guided tour of her house — she lived there from 1934 to 1969 — was her collection of books. There were two large libraries in this renovated 1825 farmhouse, with volumes of Dickens (apparently his favorite), Eastern and Western political thought, modern and ancient history, and medical and scientific monographs. Balzac’s entire work was in his bedroom. I remembered a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde (but probably said by Unitarian minister Charles Potter): “It’s what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you’ll be when you can’t help it.”

You’d think Buck should be the first hit on a Google search for “First American Woman Nobel Literature” – but sadly it’s not.

She barely featured in searches for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month despite her bold efforts to condemn the heinous internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. She was an early advocate for fairer immigration laws for mixed-race children born to American servicemen and Asian women.

His love for the Chinese people – coupled with unbridled criticism for the authoritarian government of Mao Zedong – earned him the scorn of the Chinese Communist Party, which denied him a visa when Richard Nixon visited China in 1972.

She was proactive beginning in the 1930s regarding women’s equality and civil rights for African Americans, which led to her being placed on an FBI watch list of J. Edgar Hoover. Ironically, Hoover felt that his humanist social and political views might be subversive and anti-American. Her genuine respect for other cultures is evidenced by her advocacy of missionary work without proselytizing, which led to accusations of heresy by some members of the Presbyterian Church, of which she was a member.

As I reflect on the unfortunate escalation of racial divisions in our country, I also remember Pearl S. Buck, a white Christian who spent his formative years in China and became a champion for Asians, Blacks and women at a time when such positions were unpopular and not without personal risk. Following in the footsteps of this insightful woman, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity offers a path to redemption. She should not be forgotten.

Raman L. Mitra, MD, Ph.D., is the Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY. He is originally from Pennsylvania and graduated from the Perelman School of Medicine.

Waterstone Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ:WSBF) Declares Quarterly Dividend of $0.20 Sat, 25 Jun 2022 13:28:53 +0000

Waterstone Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSBF – Get a rating) announced a quarterly dividend on Thursday, June 23, Zacks reports. Investors of record on Monday July 11 will be paid a dividend of 0.20 per share by the savings and loan company on Tuesday August 2. This represents an annualized dividend of $0.80 and a yield of 4.54%. The ex-date of this dividend is Friday, July 8.

Waterstone Financial has increased its dividend payout by an average of 22.5% per year over the past three years. Waterstone Financial has a payout ratio of 64.0%, which means its dividend is sufficiently covered by earnings. Research analysts expect Waterstone Financial to earn $1.25 per share next year, meaning the company should continue to be able to cover its $0.80 annual dividend with a ratio of expected future payout of 64.0%.

WSBF opened at $17.61 on Friday. The company has a debt ratio of 0.79, a current ratio of 1.34 and a quick ratio of 1.21. The company’s 50-day simple moving average is $16.86 and its two-hundred-day simple moving average is $19.10. Waterstone Financial has a 1-year low of $15.70 and a 1-year high of $22.74. The company has a market capitalization of $426.16 million, a price-earnings ratio of 7.69 and a beta of 0.42.

Waterstone Financial (NASDAQ:WSBF – Get a rating) last reported results on Thursday, April 21. The savings and loan company reported earnings per share of $0.23 for the quarter, missing analyst consensus estimates of $0.30 per ($0.07). Waterstone Financial had a return on equity of 12.73% and a net margin of 22.46%. The company posted revenue of $41.68 million in the quarter, compared to $47.00 million expected by analysts. On average, stock analysts expect Waterstone Financial to post earnings per share of 1.19 for the current fiscal year.

Hedge funds have recently increased or reduced their stakes in the company. Vanguard Group Inc. increased its position in shares of Waterstone Financial by 4.7% during the 1st quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 1,113,021 shares of the savings and loan company valued at $21,526,000 after purchasing an additional 49,723 shares during the period. State Street Corp raised its position in Waterstone Financial by 24.2% in the first quarter. State Street Corp now owns 639,670 shares of the savings and loan company valued at $12,371,000 after purchasing an additional 124,678 shares during the period. Bank of New York Mellon Corp raised its position in Waterstone Financial by 2.4% in the first quarter. Bank of New York Mellon Corp now owns 192,692 shares of the savings and loan company valued at $3,726,000 after purchasing an additional 4,600 shares during the period. American Century Companies Inc. increased its position in Waterstone Financial by 27.9% in the first quarter. American Century Companies Inc. now owns 102,043 shares of the savings and loan company valued at $1,974,000 after purchasing an additional 22,256 shares during the period. Finally, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund acquired a new stake in Waterstone Financial in the first quarter, valued at approximately $1,100,000. 67.48% of the shares are currently held by hedge funds and other institutional investors.

Separately, upgraded Waterstone Financial shares from a “sell” to a “hold” rating in a Wednesday, May 18 research report.

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Waterstone Financial, Inc operates as a bank holding company for WaterStone Bank SSB which provides various financial services to customers in Southeast Wisconsin, USA. It operates in two segments, Community Banking and Mortgage Banking. The Community Banking segment offers personal and corporate banking products and services, such as deposit and transaction solutions, including checking accounts, online banking and bill payment services, money transfer services , as well as credit, debit and prepaid cards; investable fund solutions including savings, money market deposits, individual retirement accounts and certificates of deposit; residential mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, personal and installment loans, real estate financing, business loans and business lines of credit; and fixed and variable annuities, insurance products, and trust and investment management accounts.

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Commercial Real Estate Highlights | Local business news Sat, 25 Jun 2022 13:00:00 +0000

Commonwealth Business Partners LLC reports the following sales:

  • D&H Building Services bought 2,200 square feet at 5403 Chamberlayne Road in Henrico from David Hulburt and Sherry Finneran for $340,000. Ben Bruni represented the seller.
  • Austrian LLC purchased 3,000 square feet at 644 Independence Parkway in Chesapeake from The Melick Group LLC for $550,000. Gresh Wall represented the seller.

Pollard and Bagby Inc. reports the following sales:

  • Shama B. Saiyed LLC purchased an approximately 5,888 square foot building at 1011 Hioaks Road in Richmond from Soheila LLC for $913,250. Donna Hobbs and Tony Rolando represented the buyer.
  • EHK Associates PC purchased a 3,200 square foot building at 4796 Finlay St. in Richmond from Robert B. Bass Sr. for $400,000. Scott White represented the seller.
  • JDS Holdings LLC purchased a 2,850 square foot building at 6 N. Dooley Ave. in Richmond to TLG RE LLC for $1.025 million. Tony Rolando represented the buyer.

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  • Virginia loses $24 million in economic impact as Pharrell’s Something in the Water music festival kicks off today in DC
  • Youngkin appointee denigrated people online and made sexual references to the vice president
  • Richmond’s first 3D printed house sold
  • 13-year-old child is the third to die after a golf cart accident in North Carolina
  • Youngkin to sign budgets, ending six-month battle with assembly over priorities
  • Richmond-area farmer’s market guide: where to find the best donuts, produce, fresh meats and more
  • An ’embarrassment’: Virginia health board rebukes commissioner’s comments on racism
  • 32-year-old Richmond man shot dead in Carver neighborhood
  • Yesli Vega wins GOP nomination to challenge Spanberger in 7th
  • Dan Snyder’s plane and yacht arrive in Cannes as lawyer pushes back against Congressional committee
  • UPDATE: Heavy storm moves through Richmond area, causing damage and power outages
  • Democrats question candidate Youngkin’s qualifications
  • Rapper Lil Tjay shot dead in New Jersey, Ravens linebacker Jaylon Ferguson dead at 26, and more hot topics
  • 1 of 4 inmates who escaped from Hopewell camp surrendered
  • Snyder’s legal team sent investigators to accusers’ homes and offered silent money ahead of Wilkinson report, House committee says

Commonwealth Business Partners LLC refers to the following leases:

  • Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine LLC leased 4,253 square feet at 1 Park West Circle in Chesterfield. Tucker Dowdy and Jamie Galanti represented the owner.
  • Accu-Tech Corp. leased 8,400 square feet at 2256 Dabney Road from Henrico. Colton Konvicka and Michael Mayhew represented the tenant.
  • The Sasso Group LLC subleased 4,592 square feet at 7400 Beaufont Springs Drive in Chesterfield. Tucker Dowdy and Michael Good represented the sub-owner.
  • Douglas S. DDS Belt renewed its 1,013 square foot lease at 5700 Old Richmond Ave. at Henryco. Tucker Dowdy and Michael Good represented the owner.
  • CSC Leasing Co. leased 7,280 square feet at 3601-3721 Saunders Ave. in Richmond. Russell Wyatt and Ben Bruni represented the tenant.

Cushman & Wakefield | Thalhimer refers to the following leases:

  • Kaleo Inc. renewed its lease of 29,156 square feet of office space at Turning Basin, 111 Virginia St., Richmond. Dean Meyer and Mac Wilson handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Monarca LLC Packaging renewed its lease of 6,300 square feet of industrial space at the Bells Road office/warehouse, 2950-54 Bells Road, Richmond. Michael A. Shaia handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Branshel inc. renewed its lease of 5,000 square feet of office space at 3820-B Jefferson Davis Highway in Richmond. Michael A. Shaia and Scott Douglas conducted the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Ameriprise Financial renewed its lease of 2,954 square feet of office space at Westerre I, 3951 Westerre Parkway, in Henrico. Dean Meyer and Mac Wilson handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Goodness and Mercy International Food Market renewed its lease of 2,600 square feet of office space at 7816 Midlothian Turnpike in Chesterfield. Richard L. Thalhimer conducted the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • AQwest Auto LLC leased 2,580 square feet of industrial space at Park Place of Hanover, 10403 S. Leadbetter Road, Ashland. Gregg Beck and Jeff Cooke handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Balance Gym Manchester LLC leased 2,400 square feet of retail space at The Current, 400 Hull St., Richmond. Reilly Marchant led the negotiations on behalf of the owner; Annie O’Connor, also with Thalhimer, represented the tenant.
  • pizza hut leased 2,397 square feet of retail space at Staples Mill Plaza, 9189-B Staples Mill Road, to Henrico. Richard L. Thalhimer conducted the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Mowers On The Go LLC renewed its lease of 2,000 square feet of retail space at 914 N. Arthur Ashe Blvd. in Richmond. Michael A. Shaia handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Qwest Kustomz LLC leased 1,969 square feet of industrial space at Park Place of Hanover, 10403 S. Leadbetter Road, Ashland. Gregg Beck and Jeff Cooke handled the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • TIPS Is LLC renewed its lease of 1,800 square feet of retail space at Emporia Marketplace, 212 Cloverleaf Drive, Emporia. James Ashby IV and Richard L. Thalhimer conducted the negotiations on behalf of the owner.
  • Great snippets renewed its lease of 1,200 square feet of retail space at Westchester Commons, 15786 WC Main St., Chesterfield. Alex T. Wotring, David Crawford and Kevin South conducted the negotiations on behalf of the owner.

Pollard and Bagby Inc. refers to the following leases:

  • Tribble Insurance Agency renewed its 924 square foot lease at 10366 Leadbetter Road in Ashland.
  • State Agricultural Insurance Agency renewed its 1,028 square foot lease at 6010 W. Broad St., Suite 1, in Henrico.
  • We help our teenagers LLC renewed its 3,433 square foot lease at 6010 W. Broad St., Suites 103, 205, Second Floor Warehouse, at Henrico.
  • Kuanmin Zhu renewed its 850 square foot lease at 512 N. Third St., Unit 1, in Richmond.
  • We help our teenagers LLC renewed its 1,216 square foot lease at 6010 W. Broad St., Suite 206, to Henrico.
  • Pat’s World Staging & Re-Design LLC renewed its 3,000 square foot lease at 2110 Maywill St. in Richmond.
  • We help our teenagers LLC leased 1,110 square feet at 6010 W. Broad St., Suite 6, to Henrico.
  • Up All Night Bakery LLC lreleased 900 square feet at 1221 Bellevue Ave. in Richmond.
  • King Vape LLC leased 2,035 square feet at 11465 Robious Road in North Chesterfield.
  • Stratton Insurance Agency Inc. leased 854 square feet at 9701 Gayton Road, Suite 3, to Henrico.
Bowling Green community reacts to decision Sat, 25 Jun 2022 02:35:00 +0000

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – In a historic moment in American history, the Supreme Court overturned the decision in Roe v. Wade.

Some Bowling Green residents are reacting to the decision.

“It’s really scary, not just for women or people with wombs, but for a lot of other marginalized communities,” said Abigail Williams, who expressed disappointment with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“I am still shocked that for over 50 years the laws in place have been completely repealed and gone. So, I’m pretty stunned at the moment,” adds Renea Delong, another resident who expressed disappointment.

“The effect for me is basically non-existent. Personally, there is no risk. But I have four sisters, I have nine nieces. But it is a restriction of their rights, whatever they are. aware of it or not. And that’s very sad, and to put it mildly, the millions of Americans across this country will be affected,” added Jessiah Eberlin.

“Just because someone doesn’t have the reproductive organs to get pregnant doesn’t mean these issues don’t affect them,” adds Williams.

Many expressing their views of disappointment, others in favour.

“The decision is not about abortion, the decision is about making choices for yourself. And for people to stay vigilant in their efforts to fight for rights. And to know that while we’re numb, you are not alone,” Delong said.

“When you look at women who aren’t ready to have a baby, or don’t have the resources to have a baby, you end up having children who either like being placed in foster care or they don’t. don’t have the resources to be raised as they should and it’s not the mother’s fault,” Williams also says.

“I saw that and I thought, ‘wow,’ we’ve absolutely taken a spiritual step that would get us back on track,” said Mike Smith, pastor of Maple Street Church of God.

Some are sending words of encouragement about next steps.

“If you’re a conservative person, if you’re a Republican, if you’re really pro-life, then today might feel like a victory. But you should also consider other things, you know, expanding sex education,” Eberlin added.

There is an exception to Kentucky’s abortion ban, when the mother’s life is in danger, rape is not an exception.

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When Janhvi Kapoor REVEALED she’s a fan of literature: It’s very therapeutic Fri, 24 Jun 2022 18:29:05 +0000

Janhvi Kapoor is one of the leading Bollywood actresses. Although she may only have four movies, she has already proven herself to be an actress to watch. She made her directorial debut Shashank Khaitan’s ‘Dhadak’ in 2018 with Ishaan Khatter and with projects like ‘Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl’ and ‘Ghost Stories’ the 25-year-old is well on her way to becoming a superstar. Besides cinema, the actress loves travel, literature and dancing. But do you know that she is also passionate about literature and that she also likes to write poetry?

In a retrospective interview with Vogue, the actress revealed that she was a fan of literature. The 25-year-old said: “It’s very therapeutic. You saw my copy of Dhadak’s script – it was covered in notes. Not only that, during Dhadak promotions, co-star Ishan Khatter had revealed that she loves to write poetry. In 2018, the actor also recited a self-penned poem for his late mother Sridevi, at the Festival International Film Festival of India in Goa.

On the work front, Janhvi recently shared the first look at her upcoming movie ‘good luck jerry.’ Directed by Siddharth Sengupta and backed by producer Aanand L Rai, “GoodLuck Jerry” is a Hindi adaptation of the 2018 Tamil crime and comedy film Kolamavu Kokila.

Besides ‘GoodLuck Jerry’, Janhvi is currently filming for her next movie ‘Bawaal‘ with Varun Dhawan. Director Nitesh Tiwari is set to release on April 7 next year. The film marks Varun’s first collaboration with Janhvi and the team had recently traveled to Paris to shoot the film’s upcoming schedule.

Then, she will also find Rajkummar Rao after ‘Roohi’ for ‘Mr And Mrs Mahi’. She will then play in ‘Mili’ opposite Sunny Kaushal, a remake of the Malayalam film, ‘Helen’. “Mili” will mark her first collaboration with Father Boney Kapoor, who will produce the film.