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Competitors from the El Portal Bowling League continue their weekly gatherings, bowling Thursday mornings at the McHenry Bowl in Modesto.

Here is a recap of recent actions.

OCT. 21

Becoming a familiar sign at the top of the slopes, M&R paced the El Portal bowlers with a 19-9 effort in recent action. They were followed by IV Leagues, Elaine’s Travel, 16-12; Vel De Rose, team 7, Bartelink Dairy, 13-15 years old; Fabulous flamingos, 12½-15½; Foxy Ladies, 11½-16½; Escalon body and frame, 11-17.

For the week, Tracy Marshall had the high scratch set, 214, the high scratch set 582, and the high handicap set, 672. Chris Magana won the high scratch set, 278.

For the season to date, the top scorers are Tracy Marshall, individual high average, 170.67 and streak series, 582; Chris Magana, 206 scratch game; Jennifer Carter, 649 handicap sets; Delores Borba, 260 handicap match.

OCT. 14

With a score of 16-8, M&R led the standings in the bowling action on October 14. They were followed by Elaine’s Travel, IV Leagues, 13-11; Team 7, The Racketeers, Vel De Rose, Bartelink Dairy, 12-12; Foxy Ladies, 10½-13½; Escalon body and frame, 10-14; Fabulous pink flamingos, 9½-14½.

The best scores of the week came from Delores Borba, 186 scratch games; 260 handicap game; Tracy Marshall series 484 scratch; Sandy Hebenstreet, 636 handicap series.

OCT. 7

M&R led the week with a 15-5 rating, followed by Elaine’s Travel, 12-8; Bartelink Dairy, 11-9; Foxy Ladies, 10½-9½; IV Leagues, 10-10; Team 7, Vel De Rose, Escalon Body and Frame, 9-11; Racketeers, 8-12; Fabulous pink flamingos, 6½-13½.

Tracy Marshall had the high scratch set, 183, and the high scratch streak, 501, for the week. Velma Vasconcellos won the high handicap game, 234 and the high handicap series, 637.


Team 10 rolled 14-2 to take first place on September 30 at the McHenry Bowl. They were followed by Elaine’s Travel, 11-5; Foxy Ladies, 9½-6½; IV Leagues, 9-7; Bartelink Dairy, 8-8; Vel De Rose, Team 7, Escalon Body & Frame, The Racketeers, 6-10; Fabulous pink flamingos, 4½-11½.

Tracy Marshall had the high scratch set, 182, for the week as well as the high scratch streak, 514; Linda Romero rode the game at high handicap, 235; RoseAnn Dugo, handicap series, 646.

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