Easter Sunday at Bowling Green Ballpark

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — For the past two years, normality in public has been a huge battle around the world.

This year, Easter Sunday has returned to in-person worship.

Adam Shourds, senior pastor at Broadway United Methodist Church, said, “We are thrilled to be here at the ballpark today. The first Sunday of Easter was spent outdoors, and we believe that is where God is at work, and so this is a fair chance for us to be together and also to celebrate. a bigger way and to remember what is happening in this community, in Bowling Green, of which we are a part and which we want to join.

Easter at the Ballpark started last year, and Broadway UMC wanted to continue this year.

Shourds says, “We had an Easter service at church and here, and I hope we still have a way to have both things to remind us of the connection of what’s happening on our path, but also how we are part of what is happening outside the walls in the community.

Pastor Shourds says the fact that people are coming together this season shows that great things are still happening in the community.

“It’s so great to reunite with people and start rebuilding our lives. To just be able to be with people and celebrate together, and just let our guard down and see that we’re all still here and good things are still happening” , explains Shourds.

Shourds says serving at the ballpark is a stress-free way for anyone to attend. He adds, “We felt Bowling Green Ballpark is a welcoming place, and it removes some of the barriers of entering the walls of a church. It works both ways. People will feel welcome to come and be part of what we do, and we can come out and remember that we are part of what is happening in the community.

The United Methodist Church on Broadway hopes to continue this tradition in the years to come.

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