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LJD Inc. and L. James Drahota and Judy Drahota at LUMIR LLC, 1629 E. Army Ave., Fremont; 1635 E. Army Ave., Fremont; 1637 E. Army Ave., Fremont; 1705 E. Army Ave., Fremont; 1645 E. Army Ave., Fremont; 4701 WUS Freeway 30, Fremont, $ 459,820.

Michael B. Pfeifer and Helen R. Pfeifer to Michael Scott Leedom and Misty Kay Leedom, 1310 Stanford Ave., Fremont, $ 329,900.

Victory Lake Marine Inc. to James M. Issler and Creonne Issler, 1408-1410 Fairacres Dr., Fremont, $ 204,000.

Hector Gabriel Fuentes and Stephanie Michelle Fuentees to Johannes Teeuw, 446 N. Ash St., Dodge, $ 141,000.

Dennis Bobek to Devon Weatherly and Mariah Adams, 1537 N. D St., Fremont, $ 168,000.

Plahn Investments LLC to Thomas L. Lenz and Marilou Lenz, 1549 NH St., Fremont, $ 105,000.

From David Mills to Fred Arends, Cabin 17, McGinn’s Lake, North Bend, $ 6,500.

David J. Schlautman and Sally Schlautman to Jesse J. Davenport and Tasha L. Davenport, 2201 E. Cuming St., Fremont, $ 280,400.

David N. Simmons Jr., Co-Trustee, and Christopher J. Simmons, Co-Trustee, the at the moment serving Co-Trustees of the David N. Simmons Revocable Belief, carried out on November 11, 2014 at David N. Simmons Jr., 1729 Caliente Cove, Fremont.

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