Design, real estate and subcontracting: at the heart of Keisha Gilchrist’s triple threat

Keisha gilchrist is no stranger to unpleasant work experiences. During her early career in marketing, she held parallel positions in the service industry to supplement her salary, grappled with workplaces that functioned as old boys’ clubs, and trained in jobs in the industry. monotonous day while giving himself time to nurture his true passion: selling and designing houses.

Once she finally made the pivot of her career, Gilchrist found herself facing many of the same issues. She often did projects for little to no pay to gain ground on her portfolio and, working at the intersection of real estate and interior design, she faced another male dominated industry, this time in the construction sector. The only way out, she decided, was to go through it.

While starting his own interior design business and real estate business, Gilchrist added another skill to his tool belt by becoming a certified general contractor. Although it took time, his work ethic and craftsmanship in the home industry not only earned him the respect of other entrepreneurs, but also attracted new clients who were drawn to his customer-oriented approach, no. only for construction, but at every stage of the household process.

“I let them know from the start that real estate and interior design is a roller coaster – I’m the seat belt, I’ll be there with you to hold you back, handle the process, but expect the bumps. “, Gilchrist told the host Kaitlin Petersen on the last episode of the Business stories Podcast. “My job is to smooth out the bumps and protect you while this happens. “

In this episode of the podcast, Gilchrist shares her journey as a female construction worker, the client exercise she uses to deal with sticker shock, and why she builds a cushion for the “what ifs”.

Listen to the show below. If you like what you hear, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. This episode was sponsored by Universal Furniture and Chelsea House.

Homepage image: Keisha Gilchrist | Courtesy of Keisha Gilchrist

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