Chicago Southport Lanes restaurant / bowling lane empties at auction

Glenview-based Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers & Appraisers have been tasked with selling everything inside and outside the company, including the front signing, in an online auction that ends today ‘hui.

The most expensive transaction was the wooden entrance marquee. Auctions quickly climbed to over $ 3,100 after a handful of furious bidders stepped in in the dying seconds. Other notable items included a vintage beer motif wall mural painted on canvas in the old bowling alley, which cost at least $ 2,000; and an old wooden Illinois Bell telephone booth from the turn of the last century, which sold for $ 1,500, according to the latest published offer. Winternitz declined to release the final results of the auction.

Steven Pucci grew up on Ashland and Diversey; working as a bowler at Southport Lanes from 1993 to 1995 was his first job. Pucci, now an engineer at United Airlines, says he has bid on panels and bowling pins for his man cave, which is currently set up to look like a retro gaming area. “I will always remember my time there,” he says.

Other items that might trigger memories of nights gone by: A set of three urinals sold for $ 65 (last auction published) and lots of cleaning supplies sold for $ 7. Bowling shoes cost as little as a dollar for two pairs.

Erron Fisher, a Chicago attorney who frequently participates in local real estate sales, had been watching the entrance sign since day one of the auction, which began on July 13. But he faced a roadblock.

“I would have loved this sign, but my wife wouldn’t allow it,” says Fisher. “So I bid on a few candy machines, the quart dispenser, and a little sign. I really wanted to bid on the urinal and put it in our basement, but I didn’t think I wanted to take it out and clean it. . “

However, not all went to auction. Southport Lanes spokeswoman Lacey Irby said the owners kept the mural behind the bar.

But the bidders took away many pieces of nostalgia destined for new homes.

“I hope people enjoy the history of Southport Lanes and have the chance to own a piece of it,” said Irby.

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