Strata Automation Tool Seeks to Simplify Cloud Migration Projects

Strata Identity’s Maverics Identity Discovery aims to automate the process of auditing and cataloging existing identity systems. (Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images) Strata Identity on Wednesday launched Maverics Identity Discovery, a free software tool that automates the manual process of auditing and cataloging on-premises identity environments. In one …

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The Minimum Guide to Local SEO for a Small Business

The thing you learn about owning a small business is that there is always something else you should be doing. This could be focusing on business development tasks, writing an employee handbook, or updating your cumulative actual earnings for forecasting. But, there’s always something that sticks on the month-to-month to-do …

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2021 US Business Intelligence Reference Directory Set

Dublin, May 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – “Government Support Index Manual, Headquarters United States, Toll-free telephone directory United States -Print the package “ Book added Recruitment. Research and market logo A printed set of three readily available directories that provide the latest business information. Government Support Index Handbook …

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