Bowling is making its appearance! An athlete prepares for the Special Olympics

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – “I’m going and hoping to get my team gold,” said Special Olympics pitcher Todd Peddycoart.

This is the goal of an athlete that may soon become a reality. A man from Monticello will travel to Florida to represent central Illinois. He will compete in the Special Olympics next year.

Todd Peddycoart will represent Illinois at the Special Olympics and he even showed off some tips on how he plans to win gold.

“I’ve been playing bowling technically since I was in 6th grade and training and training and improving and playing in leagues,” said Peddycoart.

Peddycoart is heading to the Special Olympics next year. He is part of the Golden Eagle Special Olympic Bowling Team.

“Just competing against other bowlers who are actually better than me because playing better bowlers makes me better and I hope to reach the top someday,” said Peddycoart.

He’s at the top. Of Illinois’ 40,000 Special Olympics, Peddycoart is one of almost 70 athletes selected to represent Illinois at the 2022 Special Olympics Games in Orlando, Florida, and he is truly excited and honored to be there. go.

“It’s a great accomplishment for me,” said Peddycoart. “I am very, very excited. This is the very first time that I am going to the national championships.

Peddycoart will be one of four members of the bowling team and he is set to take gold.

“Very excited to get to know my teammates and my coach and just other competitions,” said Peddycoart.

He says he hopes his family can watch him compete because he says they’re the reason he picked up a bowling ball in the first place.

“The reason I’m in the bowling alley is because it belongs to my family and I kind of got it back from my grandfather,” Peddycoart said.

“Bowling is just one of my favorite sports that I have always enjoyed playing all my life,” said Peddycoart.

Peddycoart is known in several area bowling alleys and he said he wanted to thank his coaches and mentors for helping him achieve this accomplishment. The Special Olympics will be held in June.

There are 18 sports at the Special Olympics next year. It was founded in 1968 and has also been hosted internationally. This has taken place here in the United States but also in Abu Dhabi, Austria, South Korea and Greece.

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