Bowling Green Police are working to mobilize the community

BGPD strives to be more transparent and improve relationships with the people they serve.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — The Bowling Green Police Division takes people behind the scenes, giving them a look at how officers respond in high-stress situations, from traffic stops to gun safety. The department runs a citizen outreach program, also known as COP

The department’s goal is to help people understand what officers are trained in and how they respond to certain situations.

“We wanted to kind of demystify what we do, and hope that people will better understand and see that we’re people like them. We’ve just been given a job to do, and we want to do this to the best of our ability. our capabilities for the community,” Bowling Green Police Chief Tony Hetrick said.

The program was set up following the unrest following the police killing of George Floyd.

“A few years ago, with the George Floyd incident, the city council thought it would be a good idea for the police to do more community engagement,” Hetrick said.

Lt. Ryan Tackett wants people to walk away with a greater sense of transparency from the department and an appreciation for what police officers are up against.

“I think they will better understand what law enforcement does, why we respond to calls the way we do, what our expectations are on a call, and how people react to what we do.”

The department plans to hold another session in the fall. Registration will be available on the city’s website.


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