Bowling Green native William Compton announces his candidacy for United States Representative for District 2

Bowling Green native William Compton has announced his candidacy for the position of United States Representative for Kentucky’s 2nd Congressional District, the seat currently held by Brett Guthrie.

(Editor’s Note: Daviess County is currently part of the 2nd Congressional District, although a Kentucky House of Representatives redistribution plan is expected to be released today. As of this writing, it is not known whether Daviess County will remain in District 2 for the next election.

Compton said he was running because he believes the state could use more representation for the working class, especially in the 2nd Arrondissement.

“I just plan to be a voice that listens and carries the concerns of the average worker in Washington,” he said. “And I feel like it’s something we’ve been missing for years in this neighborhood.”

On its website, Compton has listed its platforms in detail on a number of issues, though its primary focus is healthcare, environmental issues, and infrastructure.

Compton notes that government officials often focus on things contributing to the nation’s economic infrastructure like roads and bridges, but he also plans to focus on the community’s social infrastructure.

“I really care about our social infrastructure, which includes things like child care. This includes the Child Tax Credit, ensuring parents get them after the New Years, ”Compton said. “Education, as everyone knows, our public schools are seriously underfunded, and [I want to ensure] that we start funding those schools and that we start funding those programs that will help the students.

He plans to continue supporting Medicare for All and wants healthcare to be affordable for everyone. He hopes to tackle environmental issues such as the current state of the climate with his support for the Green New Deal and other innovative ideas.

A graduate of Warren East High School in Bowling Green and an alumnus of Western Kentucky University, Compton has said Owensboro is no stranger to him.

He said he sometimes spent time and worked in Owensboro and learned about the town from the people he met. He said Owensboro shares similarities with other communities in Warren County.

“I’m also a municipal commissioner in Palm Springs, just outside Bowling Green, and I feel like I get a glimpse of how these little communities work and I feel the people of Owensboro would be receptive to my ideas, ”Compton said. .

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