3 things to watch out for at the FHSAA State Championships

ORLANDO – The state’s top bowlers embark on a three-day marathon, hoping to bask in state championship glory.

Qualifying for the Florida High School Athletic Association tournament began at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday. The boys first took the lanes of the Boardwalk Bowl Entertainment Center, followed by the girls on Wednesday morning.

The individual and team titles will be awarded on Thursday.

Here are three things to watch out for on the tracks throughout the week.

1. Seabreeze continues the story

Volusia County has produced its fair share of bowling champions since the sport’s inaugural competition in 2003. The continent carefully approached a men’s title last season, falling in Baker’s back-to-back games against Astronaut.

Brooke Roberts of Atlantic is the region’s most recent winner, winning individual gold three years ago.

Seabreeze, however, is looking for its first title of any kind. The Sandcrabs swept the individual and team competitions at last week’s District 3 event.

SAND CRAB SWEEPING:Seabreeze wins FHSAA District 3 Boys and Girls Bowling Championships

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The Seabreeze High team celebrates a strike on Tuesday October 26, 2021 at the District 3 Boys / Girls Bowling Tournament on the AMF Deltona Lanes.

Kara Beissel, who placed fourth in the individual tournament in freshman in 2020, topped the region with an average of 214.36 this fall. She is the anchor for the women’s team, which has not lost a game en route to the district title.

“I don’t remember much from last year,” Beissel said. “I didn’t know what to expect. Now I kind of have a sense of what the environment will be like.”

The Seabreeze boys needed to rally on the brink of eliminating Baker, trailing DeLand 2-1 in the consolation semifinals. The Sandcrabs scored five straight goals in the deciding game against the Bulldogs, then knocked out Matanzas and beat Mainland twice to win the trophy.

Spencer Mosher, fourth locally this fall with an average of 215.24, believes sand crabs need to “stay in the moment.”

“When you’re bowling, if you’re mentally controlled, you’re not going to make good shots,” Mosher said. “It’s such a fight; it’s a chore all season to go out of your way and take time out of your day. I said to the guys, ‘If you really want it, then let’s go get it.’

“Everything just started to line up, and they had a little fire under them.”

DeLand High's Alisyn Sprague kicks a bowling ball to the skittles on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 during the District 3 Boys / Girls Bowling Tournament on AMF Deltona Tracks.

2. Brotherly support, rivalry

DeLand – three-time State Champions for Girls (2004-05, ’07) and two-time winners for Boys (2003-04) – will not have a team on the field this year. However, the Bulldogs send a pair of individual competitors into the brother-in-law tandem of Tyler and Alisyn Sprague.

“It’s pretty exciting doing this with my little brother,” said Alisyn, a junior. “I hope we can do it again next year for my senior year of high school.”

Tyler, a sophomore, hit his ticket with a total of three 679 bowling games in the districts. Alisyn had a total of 547, good enough to take the individual second place alongside Samantha Powell of Spruce Creek.

As they will face each other at different times, the Spragues will be able to observe each other from the stands and support each other emotionally.

However, there are also yearlong bragging rights – at the very least – up for grabs.

“He’s going to rub it in my face,” Alisyn said.

Tyler added, “As far as the bet says a year, it’ll be way longer than that. I’m going to drag it out forever.”

Seabreeze High School Sean Basler sends a bowling ball to the pins on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 during the District 3 Boys / Girls Bowling Tournament on AMF Deltona Lanes.

3. Perfect start, perfect end?

One of two local bowlers to achieve perfection this fall, Pine Ridge senior Spencer Richter, sweated through the unpredictable nature of Baker Bowling last week.

Needing Seabreeze to grow as a team in order to qualify individually, he sealed his spot when the Sandcrabs bounced Matanzas in the consolation table final.

“Nothing but stress,” said Richter, whose 300 game on Aug. 23 was the first in his school’s history. “You can’t do anything; you just have to sit down and watch, and it’s stressful. You really want to, and all you can do is hope. That’s what I was doing – I was stressing out and I was hoping I would do it somehow. “

Now that he’s here, Richter plans to make it count. He finished the regular season third with a scoring average (215.41) – behind Maddox Weaver of Spruce Creek, the other 300 pitchers and Walther Lents of Mainland.

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