2021 Bowlers Journal Championships conclude in Las Vegas

By Sam Neves
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After more than two months of competition, the 2021 Bowlers Journal Championships presented by the United States Bowling Congress wrapped up this week at the Orleans Bowling Center inside the Orleans Hotel & Casino.

Bowlers from across the country took part in this year’s event, which featured the 39-foot oil model in doubles and singles from the 2021 USBC Open Championships.

The two tournaments have been held simultaneously in the same host city for 74 years. The 2021 Open Championships took place across town at the South Point Bowling Plaza and the South Point Bowling Center.

All scores for the 2021 Bowlers Journal Championships are unofficial and pending verification.

Former USA team member Darren Tang from Las Vegas enjoyed success in three categories at the 2021 Bowlers Journal Championships, becoming the first person to do so since Craig Nidiffer of Dearborn Heights, Mich., Accomplished the feat. in 2017.

Tang, a 28-year-old right-hander, has had one hell of a run in the 2021 season.

After winning the 2020 Professional Bowlers Association West / Northwest Player of the Year Player of the Year award, Tang has yet to finish outside the top six in any of the PBA regional events he’s attended this year, winning a title along the way.

He is able to add to his growing resume and 2021 stellar after setting the tone in open singles, open doubles and the double entry portion of the 2021 Bowlers Journal Championships.

“I’m really not sure how I’m feeling right now,” Tang said. “I make a living at bowling, and when you do that you always hope to come out on top, but you can never be sure a score will hold up. Luckily this time it is.”

Tang rose to the top of the open singles standings on May 19 with games of 279, 245 and 269 for a streak of 793, and he maintained his look for three more games, teaming up with fellow local Matthew Anderson for take the lead in the open double with a total of 1,460. Anderson led the way with a 744 streak and Tang had 716.

Tyler Perry of New Bedford, Mass. And Kevin Thibeault of Whitman, Mass., Tied the best doubles score a month later and will share the doubles title.TylerPerryKevinThibeault350x197

Being local to the tournament allowed Tang and Anderson to visit the event multiple times. Participants are allowed to compete eight times in each category for which they are eligible and may play with up to four doubles partners at a time.

“It’s actually a pretty funny story about how we came together,” said Anderson, a 31-year-old right-hander and owner of a Perfect Match at the Open Championships (2014). “I saw him warm up and I ran and asked him if he wanted to play doubles. He said he would, and even though I started the set terribly, we still got it. was able to take the lead. I really didn’t think that score would hold up. Luckily it did. “

In addition to the open doubles performance, Tang and Anderson each played one of three 300 games played at the 2021 Bowlers Journal Championships. Justin Knowles of Okemos, Mich., Bowled the other.

USBC Hall of Fame member Lennie Boresch Jr. from Kenosha, Wisconsin also led several events in 2021.

The 59-year-old right-hander topped the senior singles standings with a score of 760, which included matches of 275, 259 and 226, and the performance helped him and Milwaukee’s Henry Posnanski take the lead in the doubles. senior with a total of 1,436. Posnanski contributed a set of 676.

PosnanskiBoresch“It’s always nice to win,” said Boresch, Open Championships triple titlist. “We actually bowled after we finished the open championships because the tournament was dark for Memorial Day weekend. Although I was disappointed with my performance there, I was able to find a good look at the Bowlers Journal. Fortunately, both points held firm. ”

Boresch owns another Bowlers Journal title, a classic singles victory that took place in the early 1990s.

To complete the scratch portion of the event, PBA Tour titlist Mike Mineman from Belleville, Illinois. The 62-year-old right-hander won the highest series in Super Senior singles, a 767 set in May.

In the 175-and-under handicap singles, 28-year-old right-hander Trevor Golden of Ridgecrest, Calif., Won games of 179, 235 and 221, and his 84 handicap pins helped him take the lead with a series of 719.

David Wolf of Clifton Park, New York, and Timothy Boyd of Bloomington, Minnesota, led the way in double handicap with a score of 1,257.

For bowlers who chose to take advantage of the double entry option to the Bowlers Journal Championships, there was the option of using their three-game singles and doubles streak at the same time. There is no additional entrance fee for this option.

Tang’s 793 topped the double-entry standings, while Boresch’s 760 finished just outside the top 10, but will also earn him additional prizes.

Other Bowlers Journal offers include a 30 Clean Jackpot, High Game Jackpot, and Strike Jackpot.

Full rankings and prize details for the event will be posted on BOWL.com as they become available.

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