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Do you need extra credit but have no time to leave home or take a break from work to negotiate a loan with the bank or financier? Our blog gives the hint! Visit our lending company website. There you will get your money over the internet quickly, easily and without red tape.

The advantage of our lending company is that it is not a bank or finance company. The company acts as a correspondent banking, connected with various institutions. Thus, she seeks the best way to get credit, according to the profile and need of each client.

With our lending company, money over the internet comes easy and fast in your hand, without red tape.

Learn how to get your money online

Learn how to get your money online

A type of company that creates new technologies for the financial market. Speed, ease and security are features of this platform. Because it is a correspondent bank, not a financial institution with its own resources to make loans, the company makes the link between the person who needs money and banks or financiers.

But remember: for you to have your internet money straight into your checking account through our lending company, you must be over 18 and have your name clean in the square. As soon as you apply, the company does a credit analysis and confirms the registration details.

Here’s the walkthrough to apply for credit as simply as possible:

1. Fill out the form on the platform.

It contains only seven fields to complete in order to make the user’s life easier. You don’t waste time on paperwork and unnecessary information.

2. Submit the documents

The company only requests three of them: CNH, proof of income and proof of residence. If the customer does not have a driver’s license, for example, the RG is the safest option to prove the identification.

3. Answer the call

You will then need to answer a call made , within three minutes of applying for registration and providing the documents. It is very important that you fill in your phone number correctly, because it will be through this call that all your information will be confirmed.

4. Sign the contract online

After all the information checked and the order is settled, the contract will be signed, also online, and informed how soon the money will be deposited in your account.

Check i repayment terms

Check i repayment terms

Loans can negotiate between the customer and banks or financiers up to $ 100,000, with the so-called Total Effective Cost (ie the minimum and maximum interest you will spend), ranging from 3.5% to 17%. , 5% per month.

The rates vary according to the type of loan, ranging from public or private payroll to personal loan, with or without check. The advantage is that our lending company gives the user several options: the more security and security you offer to get your credit, the lower the interest rates will be.

It is noteworthy that the rates also change according to the financial institution that will analyze the conditions of each borrower. In addition, the total amount paid for the money requested through the site may differ according to each customer’s credit history.

The payment period ranges from 3 to 72 months. Another advantage offered by this platform is that the user can pay in advance in the first month.

To maintain the transparency of the business, the borrower will receive full details of interest rates charged, fees, transaction taxes such as IOF, in addition to the so-called CET, the Effective Cost of the Transaction.

The money you borrow from our lending company goes straight to your checking account.

Is our lending company secure?

Is our lending company secure?

Many people still feel insecure when going for a loan over the Internet, because of many shell companies or those that do not fulfill their promise.

But with our lending company there is no doubt. In addition to having an address in the state capital, the site also offers telephone, email or chat to answer questions and clarify problems.

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