Psst! Here’s How to Manage Your Household Finances So That You Are Not Twisted in Debt

For married couples, whether young or old, managing household finances is a daunting task. If you make a mistake, your family’s finances can be bigger than the pillars. If you don’t want to get stuck in debt, find out how to manage your household finances here! Futher reading at When married, it is rare […]

Maximum interest rate loan or mortgage loan

Onecredit online mortgage You go from one point of internet portals without having to specify that you are still the first home, with which to pay. Usually the amount from third party private customers, companies, institutions, etc. and therefore a savings on interest from 5 to pay the mortgage, so if you wait before the […]

Reunify debts: enjoy Christmas

Do you want to reunify debts so you can enjoy Christmas quietly? December has already begun and with him the purchases of gifts for Christmas. If you find yourself burdened by your debts, don’t worry. In Tradillo Consultores we are experts in grouping your debts and, in this way, you can enjoy Christmas shopping.   […]

Long-term loans

  The amounts of non-bank installment loans start at several dozen zlotys, but end at a dozen or even several dozen thousand. Although their costs are usually higher than the cost of bank loans, they are not as high as they were a few years ago. All thanks to the amended provisions of the Anti-usury […]

Borrowing to Vacation Homes

Borrowing to holiday homes – Which loan is best then? How do you do it and what should you think about? Loans to holiday homes often differ in part from loans to a regular villa. In Sweden, no more than 85 per cent can be mortgaged on one’s home. Villa or apartment does not matter. […]

Mortgage Debt Consolidation – An Immediate Guide

Mark does not buy luxury goods, in reality I do not travel much, and, apart from the expenses of the boys, they are extremely cheap. The only means they can pay for anything is by entering debt. They use their home equity credit cards and credit cards to remain profitable. Although they would like to […]

Get to know loans – get money online

Do you need extra credit but have no time to leave home or take a break from work to negotiate a loan with the bank or financier? Our blog gives the hint! Visit our lending company website. There you will get your money over the internet quickly, easily and without red tape. The advantage of […]

Final loan 2019 »All advantages and disadvantages in the test!

 In the case of a term loan, only interest is paid during the term and the debt itself is ultimately repaid in a large final installment. But that makes sense only in special constellations, for example, when a home savings contract is due. Perhaps the best known variant of the bullet loan is the Civil […]